Saturday, October 11, 2008

It worked!

I have officially moved!
I hope I can find everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mariah and Terry's Engagement Party

you can't accuse them of rushing into anything
after dating 11 years
they have decided to get married
NEXT year....

won't they make me pretty grandbabies?
Stacey and the boys came into town for the occasion
Stephanie was there with her daughters Molly and Erin
Mariah's high school friends Molly and Michelle, who grew up on my back porch were celebrating with us.
A great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday in the Woods

We used to take a carload of kids on these trips
Now it's just us and the dog....

My Favorite Hurricane

Gustav is my favorite hurricane!
Cooked all the meat in the freezer
Invited the relatives over
got a day off from school....

Sunday, August 31, 2008


"We learned about nerf sharks in Marine Biology today." Caitlin announced to me.
I feel sure she must mean nurse sharks, but I'm thinking "this is gonna be good"
"Nerf sharks?" I echo.
"Yeah, they are the harmless kind", she says
Now, just follow her's made of foam rubber and you can throw it in the house and it won't hurt anybody....yeah....Nurf Shark!
I do so love her!

Ridin The Storm Out

So Gustav is in the Gulf
We in the South are kings and queens of the euphemism.
We can stretch 3 sentences into a paragraph without even thinking.
Since Katrina kicked our butts so bad,
we don't' even mention the word hurricane to each other.
Katrina is merely "The Storm"
What we are having now is "bad weather"
"Are you ready for the :bad weather:?" we ask with asterisks in our voices,
"Stay safe in the "bad weather"" we exhort each other in line buying candles.
So I am following in the paces of women all over the Gulf Coast
I am grilling all the meat in the freezer
getting out pallets to lay the children on
because they will all be coming home
to face the "bad weather "

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yoga Feels Better Than Sex

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this entry.
I'm not sure what to do with realization I've come to mentioned in the title.
It's just that I wake up stiff some mornings
and so does my husband......

My husband
source of most of my joy
and much of my irritation
Do those of you who have been in a relationship a long time feel like this?
Some days I listen to old love songs
and I feel so disappointed....
the inevitable lies and hurts
 that build up over the years overcome me...
then I see him
and it's like the turn of a kaleidoscope
all I see is the charm and the gentleness in him I loved from the start
through the lens of the laughter,
 the babies,
 the fun
 and the stories that aren't funny to anyone else but us.
He is the only one that knows the me I once was....
So I guess I'll keep him.

Work is so hard.
I hve been transferred to the Multiple Disabled unit
I have 3 kids in wheelchairs
2 of them are also blind and deaf
I have 2 autistic kids and a brain injured child who are communication impaired.
They stay with me all day.
Plus I have to pull 11 other kids as a resource teacher.
I have 2 paraprofessionals who are wonderful
but the principal pulls one of them in the morning.
It takes 2 people just to change a child
3 of us to feed them
and that does not even allow for teaching time.
What if there was a fire?
I have made an appointment to talk to the principal
She is a very crazy uptight woman.
We shall see how that goes..
I think I will love it once I get things straightened out where I know what I'm doing.

When I pulled up at the house Friday
my son out law
pulled up at the same time
"Can we go in the house?", he said.
"I have something to show you"
He and Mariah have been together since she was 16
They are 27 and 30 now.
He shows me a wedding band and a rock the size of the end of my index finger.
"why now?" I asked after the crying and hugging.
"GG (my mom) is getting so forgetful and I know she'd like to be part of it"
So Mariah didn't know yet
and Caitlin and I have to keep our mouths shut....
She called me last night and said they were engaged.
"In what?' I asked innocently
"Oh,come off it, Mom, I know you know!'

and the circle turns again.