Monday, October 17, 2005

homecoming '05

My Caitlin is such an interesting child...
a fairy sprite,
a cloud...
when she was little she had an imaginary playmate named Ceily
that she couldn't get along with!
I would have to seperate them for arguing!
Why would you make up someone you didnt like?
When Ceily disappeared, as all imaginary playmates must, I asked Cailtin whatever happened to her.
"oh, she's in jail, "she replied airily.
I should've known!

She went to her first dance this weekend.
She had to have an emergency date.
Her first date couldn't go.
He got suspended from school for skipping.
When it was time to go, Stacey was going to take Ian and his date, I was going to drive Caitlin and hers, but the two girls insisted on riding together....
my weird child!
I guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Totaled cars and Total Joy

well, this is what I've been up to...
Tom totaled his car. He pulled out into the road and didn't see the girl coming because there was a pile of hurricane debris obscuring his vision.
Hmm....Do you think we can file a clain with FEMA?
It 's probably not worth the effort...the most valuable thing about that car is the Grateful Dead sticker on the back windshield.
He is having some problems with his shoulder, but in keeping with the family policy of faith,foolish optimism and denial, we are skipping right along.
My friend Paula came from Atlanta with her two dear blonde ditsy daughters. Kelsey , 17 and Leah, 13, who are a two person comedy team. We went to Bayfest, a local party that has stages set up downtown. We had so much fun! I laughed and danced and drank and hooted.We saw The Grass Roots, Grand funk, Loverboy, Dwight Yokam and Widespread Panic.
The Lagoonatics, a friendship born in a bar 22 years ago between Stacey, Stephanie, Dana, Paula and I,were together again. We live in 3 different states, so it is about 4 times a year we are all in the same place,but in our hearts we are always near. We have 8 kids, the Laggonies , the terrible teens I have mentioned often. They were sprawled over my living room all weekend, a tangle of arms and legs and hormones. They are still so sweet when they are sleeping!