Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Strange Tale of Bianca Patrick

I didn't want any of my friends to know about my surgery.

It was right after Mardi Gras and I didn't want to bring down the party

didn't' want anyone to worry

besides, it was being done for diagnostic purposes, so I didn't want to use any sympathy now that I might need for later!

I did mention to a friend who is a nurse at a local hospital that I was going to be in and she could stop by and visit me.

Trouble is, I was not going to the hospital where she worked.(I had forgotten this with the aid of several mimosa)

My nurse friend hurt her arm trying to catch a moon pie, so she called another friend to come see me. (this is a common injury down here where we are all a little crazy from the humidity)

This dear friend, who I only see once or twice a year these days, scoured the hospital looking for me and finally somehow located me in the hospital where I was.

I was shocked to see her, especially since Mariah has not been able to stand the sight of said friend since she told her to be quiet at a Mardi Gras parade when she was 7.(this is also common, alliances are formed and family fueds are born at parades)

Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to get Cailtin home from school.

Caitlin called, all confused, wanting to know who on earth Bianca Patrick was.

Confused also, I was going through all the snapshots in my mind...dredging up old memories...thinking aloud in my pre-op fog.

"But why is she coming to get me at school?"Caitlin plaintively wailed

"Oh, "

"That would be your Uncle Patrick"

By the time a message goes through several people , It tends to get a bit garbled.

So I am up and about a trifle shakily this morning, after my mom called and said"I wanted to see how you were feeling and to tell you I'm out of cokes and cigarettes".

I am all awash in maternal love here!


It's all good hereon the sunny side of the porch!

If you can't laugh about it at the time, turn it around a bit until you can get a good story out of it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gumbo Afternoons

                                    Gumbo Afternoons        

Here's some snapshots from my mind to share with you so you can be with me on my weekend in spirit

Friday night...Caitlin and Tom

Tom is singing to me, because I am still in a panic over my car note

"Dont worry about a thing

cause every Little thing

gonna be all right"

Caitlin is dancing behind him,

Occasionally interjecting, "It's gonna be awesome"


A long walk in the woods with Tom Victoria and Caitlin

the sun is dappled on the ground

black eyed susans are dancing in the wind

the sky is too blue to be real

Jack the Dog is ecstatic the way only dogs can be

I love that dog

He is so goofy and full of good will

such a reprobate

Sunday I made gumbo

this is not just a meal

it is a ritual around here

you don't' just make gumbo

you invoke spirits

I saw an old friend from out of town

He has AIDS

he is doing well

He is in love

such a gesture of faith

in the face of death

I guess all love is like that though

some of us are aware of it .

I loved his love on sight

because we both love Steve

I fed my friends and family

love gathered around my table

Life is good