Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Actual Conversation Overheard at my House

Caitlin is puttering about in the kitchen.

Mariah is reading some gossip magazine.

Mariah:Paris Hilton had a $50,000 pair of shoes made for her. They have "Heiress" written on them in precious stones.

Caitlin:Seems like for that kind of money they would've remembered to put the "P" on them.

Maybe you had to be there....


This is a picture of my daughter and her friends at a football game, all painted in team colors.
Yep, makes a mom proud, it does.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just a Little Smile

While watching out the window in the time-honored tradition of mother's everywhere,
I spied Caitlin's boyfriend coming up the walk.
I watched him get out of the car
come about halfway to the door
take a deep breath
check his fly
square his shoulders
and stride up to the door with his "manly" walk
(which has only recently been acquired)
It was just really cute.
Teens are cute
the same way toddlers are cute
straddling separate identities
baby to child
child to adult

Aren't they precious?

Monday, June 25, 2007

We Partied Like it was 1985

A long time ago, in a magical place which may look a hole in the wall bar to most people, strong friendships were formed..
Some of us are not walking this side of the topsoil any more.
But all of us who can answer when the call goes out.
It's time to come together.
So we came.
some of us drove for three hours, some for five.
We used to bring our children
Now we find someone to watch out for our parents
And we tell the kids we can't keep the grand babies this weekend.
It was Steve Peacock's birthday.
We have spend 30 of those together
We laughed
we ate
We drank
We wrapped ourselves in the love we have for reach other.
I deleted the skinny dipping pictures....all that wrinkled flesh.....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cat Story

This is a weird tale, but I promise it is true.

My cat Skooter, the sweetest, most pillow-like, amiable tomcat in the world, went out one day and brought home a kitten.
Let me repeat, this is a neutered male cat.
He bathed the kitten.

He carried it around in his mouth.
I'm sure nothing came out, but his little nipple got hard and stuck out and they did all the little pushing with the paws thingy that kittens do when they nurse.
Although Bitty has since grown up and been "weaned" they still enjoy a cuddle.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Porch

I thought you might enjoy a tour of the actual Porch....
Better Homes and Gardens it's not!

This is a cymbal that belonged to our next  door neighbor Al. He was a great drummer and a funny man. He used to come to the door and ask if we would come out and play. He was killed when he ran into a power line with an aluminum ladder. His girlfriend gave it to us. We hung it from the edge of The Porch and when the wind blows it softly dings. We always say, "Hi Al."

My rocking chair.
The words on the back say"Pax Cauma" Latin for "Peace and Calm"

The Porch's guardian angel.

our version of a stained glass window. We made it with paint and plexiglass.

The tree house we made for Tori, which is more often filled with teenagers.

The Porch mascot.

Winnie the Pooh

The Porch motto

The Mardi Gras tree. We throw all our beads from each Mardi Gras in it.

The front Porch

our trees
Pull up a chair and tell me a story.

Catching up

Well,now I have some time to breathe.

My life has been in a cave since Caitin's surgery

She can hear so much better, we have to whisper

the refrigerator coming on wakes her up.

I remember when she was sick when she was bitty....

how I could rock her and sing to her.....

how I could fix anything that was wrong...

she's sure, now at 16, that all her pain is somehow my fault.

 she is better today.

She got her stitches out .

When she pointed at a tissue she dropped on the floor and asked me to get it, I officially declared her post-surgical recovery complete!

For Father's Day, we planted a tree.

Tom found it growing through the concrete at work.

He brought it home and stuck it in some dirt in a cup

Now it's taller than me and we put it in the ground.

It's what I love about Tom




he sees the potential  for magic

in everyday things

other people walk by thoughtlessly,

like rocks

he's always handing them to me, saying,"look, this is a great rock to hold in your hand. Put it in your pocket."

If I ever fall in the water, I will surely drown !


We took Tori to Girl Scout camp. It was a nice ride. I wish I was going with her.

Happy Summer,