Monday, June 11, 2007

Traci's questions

Traaci, screen name deleshtraci,has asked me some tough questions.

Thanks...I am having to dig down deep for these answers.


"I really like your answers.  Especially about the children.  It would change our world for sure!  
1.  What was the hardest event in your life?

The hardest thing I have had to go through so far in a very happy life was leaving my old school where I taught for ten years. My Girl Scout troop was there. Caitlin went there. I was very thankful I got to stay until they had all graduated.from elementary school.

Budget cuts and the new fad of putting exceptional children in a regular classroom with teachers who have not been trained to teach them caused us to loose a unit.Hollinger's Island is such a wonderful school, no one leaves there unless they are in a box, so at ten years of service I had the least seniority, so I had to go.

I went from a self-contained classroom in the country to an inclusion classroom in the inner city , to work with two teachers who didn't want to do inclusion at all and were forced into it. They tried to treat me like an aide. I was miserably unhappy and totally unsuited for the job. I only stayed one year.

The school where I teach now is much better, but I still miss Hollinger's Island.

2.  What did you learn from going through it?

Hopefully, I have learned to stand up for myself better and not let people take advantage of me.

3.  What is the biggest lesson you have learned this year

 what I really learned is not to trust a teenager unless your eyes are right on them and maybe not then!

Lying is a part of the development of a teen just like tantrums from a two year old!

When your two year old lays on the floor of the grocery and screams, it doesn't mean she will be a shreiking harridan all her life and when your teen says she is at the Mall , but is really in the woods sharing a bottle of whiskey with her friends, it doesn't mean she is destined to be a drunk or a pathological liar.

Don't take it personally, dont' get upset, just plan for it and expect it.

 Just like when they are two, you avoid a tantrum with regular naps and meals, you avoid a teen's lying by regular phone calls and checking up!

It' s like a game, you try to keep one step ahead and hope for a lucky roll of the dice.


Traci, thanks for playing and come sit on The Porch for coffee tomorrow.


deshelestraci said...

Great answers and I learned something!  I didn't know you were a teacher.  I have my degree in Elem. Ed.  But I don't work in a school anymore.

demandnlilchit said...

The good thing about being a really bad teenagers yourself is that my kids got away with nothing! lol Been there did that! lol


lindaggeorge said...

I so agree, it's like being a detective. You know what they say they are doing, then you have to think of all the other things they MIGHT be doing and then you have to find a way to catch them out but before they get themselves into trouble.

princesssaurora said...

Very philosophical and practical advice for raising teens!!  Thank you... I will heed it for sure!

be well,

toonguykc said...

You were right on the money about teens....even the "good" ones are testing boundries and being deceitful.  I sure was!!


ktkamanski said...

Here are my three:  1) If you could re-live a year of your life over which one would it be and why?  2) If you could have dinner with someone from history, who would it be and where would you go? 3) What is your favorite comfort thing?
I shall look forward to your answers!  Enjoy your night! Take care!

kamdghwmw said...

One time my daughter was throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. I just looked down at her and said whos child is that? and walked away! After she calmed down she realized that was not getting an attention and she came and found me

cgtperkins said...

Those are great answers. I bet you did have to do some digging....LOL

jmorancoyle said...

    I've been so lucky not to have to deal with lying teenagers, but maybe that's because I haven't caught them at this point. You are so right though. Once you believe everything a teen or a child says, you're likely to be taken in.

erarein63 said...

I can only hope and pray that my children don't do half of what I did.  But my heart skips a few beats just thinking about it.  De ;)\

gazker said...

When I think of what I got up to as a teen!