Monday, February 13, 2006

The First Kiss

My baby is such a hoot.

I fell asleep Saturday night with the usual 5 or 6 teens sprawled around my living room.

I was awakened about midnight by Caitlin crawling in bed with me. (this has not happened in quite a while)

"Mama" breathless whisper.

"What?" instantly on Mama-alert.

"Billy kissed me."

"ooh"me squealing like a girl.

So we got up and put the coffee on.

All the gang went for a walk. Caitlin had told everyone she wanted her first kiss to be in the rain.

Desiree observes, "Caitlin, it's raining"

She threw her shoes at Desiree and planted a big one right on him.
"But", she said,"I really didn't know how, so he took over then"

I just love it,the innocence,the excitement.

I wonder how people rob themselves and their kids of this, by turning them into their enemies.

Why do some parents want them to talk, to walk, to read, to ride their bikes, then try to put the brakes on when they get to be teens & need them the most?

Swing high now, baby, while I'm still here to catch you.


demandnlilchit said...

Love this porch story! I remember my oldest childs first kiss, I wanted to know all about it and her father wanted to puke! lol lol lol

lifes2odd said...

I just LOVED this entry! You sound like the kind of mom that I am and there aren't many of us out there! Isn't it great?!!!!
Martha ~

candlejmr said...

Gosh, I remember the same sort of conversation with my oldest several years ago!  Unfortunately, I've also been around for the very first broken heart and believe me, that was no picnic.  My middle daugher is 14 too, but we haven't had this topic come up yet.  She only recently started even LOOKING at boys (lol) In any event, I totally agree with you.  I'm the mom and I am good times, bad time, first times, last times.....ALL TIMES!
ps....My DD17 is a Kaitlin too!  Great name!

am4039 said...

I love love this, my kids and I are so close.  They tell me all.  My oldest daughter is 19 my boy/girl twins are 15.  My 15 year old girl has kissed but my boy, lol so far he has kissed his baseball.  No girls yet.

mastersblynn said...

Even though Eric and I are very close, he tends to go to his Dad when it comes to the matters of the girls.  I think he is afraid I would question the girls or something. LOL  Barbara...I would!!!  ONly the best for my guy!

b4i8clover said...

Hmmm. Trying to remember that first kiss. That would have been somewhere in the early '60s, about ... ummm .... nope, it's gone. lol
Bon & Mal

lurkynat said...

((((Marti rocks!)))) go momma!
cool beans!..'Dunno Marti though, I think youare lucky! love,nat

psychfun said...

Boy do I wish my ex sister in law would read this! She is putting the brakes on her daughter who will be 15 next week. Grounding her for every little thing just so she can't go out & be with friends. She got her first kiss in the fall from the "boy next door" no less. She is just not dealing well with her daughter growing up & looking like a woman and it is really hurting her daughter because she tells me. Her daughter is too afraid to tell her mom or say anything as she doesn't want to be grounded any more. What a lovely relationship with a mom..fearing punishment so you don't talk. Ugh! I'm so happy for you & your daughter! First kisses one never forgets!

riverdaughter196 said...

Oh how sweet.  

onemoretina said...

I'm with you !  These are the best times.  It's what you put all the work and worry and effort into getting to, so you should be able to enjoy it.  Good for you !  Tina

shayshaydc said...

Great entry!!! Yes we do need to be there when they are teens!!! Especially when they are teens!!!!

mosie1944 said...

I do believe I've found a new journal to add to my alerts.  You make me smile.  

gdireneoe said...

AWESOME entry...AND outlook. ;)  C.