Sunday, October 28, 2007

wow what a weekend

My nephew Kelley,who is 23and wants to be
a policeman
a Marine
a musician
a Celtic priest
when he grows up
(but he shows no sign of doing so)
or being anything but adorable....
had a Halloween party.
My family is so weird.....these are all my nieces and nephews, some of my nephews looking like nieces
Can you guess what Tom and I are?


plieck30 said...

I don't know. Cheerleaders? Paula

inafrnz247 said...

::knocking my brain with this one....::  I dunno..  Peepees?  Two peas in a pod?  Dang, I'm stumped!  LOL


bgilmore725 said...

I looked at the pictures for about three minutes... and all I could come up with what was already suggested, the "two peas in a pod"... any other clues you might want to pass on? Wild party, gal! bea

makemarc said...

I think your nephew wants to be the Village People.

deshelestraci said...

I'm afraid I'm clueless!  Great costumes though!

princesssaurora said...

Hmm... I was thinking 1 eyed, 2 eyed giant purple people eaters...but you don't have on any purple... hmmmm

I give up!

be well,

bhbner2him said...

were you toilet paper?   -  Barbara

dklars said...

Black eyed peas!  I know, only because that's my standard costume for the past 25 years, when I HAVE to dress up for work or some party at the last minute.  This year I went as a "Deviled egg."   ~~Kath~~

princesssaurora said...

AHHHH!!!  Black eyed peas!   If you had really blacked up the eye area more... then I would have gotten it.  I thought it was a circle or glasses around the eyes...

be well,

gotomaria said...

Great costumes and so creative.  Looked like a lot of fun...I think someone eyed peas...that's a good one...was that right?   Hope you had a great Halloween night!  Maria

nay0114 said...

LOL I was like what the heck are you
PP with black circles what is that?
then I saw where someone said black eyed peas
You'll have to excuse me, but I'm catching up on journals and I have a sick baby in my arms so I'm typing one handed so comments are very short today.. okay not so short.
Take care, Chrissie