Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ten Things

Ten Things I'm Proud of
1 Being married to my soul mate and being willing to work at that marriage.
2 My adult daughter likes me for me and would pick me as a friend if I weren't' her mom
3 My kids always got to do things like dancing and gymnastics, even if it meant I did without other things to make sure I made it happen.
4 I take care of stray animals
5 I have learned to teach by being kind to the children and have seen the miracle that happens when they learn.
6 I can do the Yoga pose where you hold your feet in your hands and straighten them out to the side and stay balanced
7 I have a group of friends who stick together like the Mafia
8 I work hard and I play hard and I enjoy both equally.
.9 I take care of my mom
10 I have made a conscious decision to have a happy life

Please do this, it's great for your self-esteem.


shrbrisc said...

That is 10 great things

deshelestraci said...

Yeah for you!!!  You have a lot to be proud of!

kamdghwmw said...

I so love your list! Yesterday I was wondering where you were. I had not heard from you in a while, so I was wondering how you were you doing. I do hope that all is going well

riverdaughter196 said...

I love your list.  Although in that yoga pose what do you straighten out?  Your feet?

gdireneoe said...

Excellent list.  I can do that pose too!...not bad for this soon-to-be 43 year old! ;)  C.

gazker said...

I might just do one of these lists myself.
Gaz xxxxx

ukgal36 said...

That yoga pose sounds downright ilegal....;-)
Good list

plieck30 said...

Ten nice things you should be proud of. I too noticed you had not been around. See you're missed when you aren't here. Paula

rdautumnsage said...

Awesome list! Definitely the finer ingredients to being happy. (Hugs) Indigo

am4039 said...

love the 10 things and we all know that marriage is so hard. My kids are kind too which is such a good thing.

nhd106 said...

I can't blame you for being proud of all those're a lucky one!


jmorancoyle said...

    I love all your choices. The last one says the most about who you are though. I want to do this, but I think I'll wait a day or two.

lurkynat said...

Hey Marti, can you write a blog about how to do that yoga pose without falling? seriouslyIt might help us!