Monday, May 19, 2008

too much fun!

Here's my weekend story
Pretty much an endurance contest
but lots of fun
I took off Friday to see my baby cheer in her first school pep rally, to say goodbye to the seniors
She was so thrilled she was in tears when it was over. I had to leave before we both blubbered.

Saturday I made it to my 7:30 Yoga class for the first time in a while.
I was so spiritual and invigorated I took my mom for a walk and kept her reasonably positive. I got her laundry to do (haven't done it)
It was such a beautiful day
never mind the dishes
never mind the knee high grass (let's just say we're going for an English country garden look)
I have got to get to the woods.
I woke up Caitlin who looked at me like I had suggested going to the moon, woke up Tom who only plaintively asked for coffee
and off we went

we hiked about 5 miles.
On the way home, our friend Jerry called to ask if we'd like to go sailing.
Now the only thing better than having a boat is having a friend with a boat so off we went.
When we docked, there was a frantic call on my phone form Caitlin.
It was our night to cook and host the hospitality program for the homeless at church.
I had completely forgotten.
So, in the clothes I had worked out in
sailed in
hiked in
with no toothbrush
but a mint to kill the beer breath,
off I went to church
Home to change (thankfully ) the next morning
back to church
taught the teen Sunday school class
home to make pigs in blankets for yet another cheer leading hoo-hah
then on to my dear Erin's graduation.
Darlin child
Never like anyone else

It really took a village to get her through

Wishing you all too much fun,


kamdghwmw said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I have not been hiking in a long time. I should go hike out to the water falls. Amber graduates in a few weeks! I can't wait.

jmorancoyle said...

     Sounds like a great weekend. It occurs to me that we met just shortly before our two graduated from grammar school. One more year and they'll be (hopefully) in college. It really went quickly. Your baby is darling in her cheerleading outfit.

plieck30 said...

wow no wonder you've been quiet on the journal front. Your baby sure is a pretty one. Paula

mail4campbell said...

Sounds like you are just made of more energy than I've even got in one little finger!! You must have more fun in a day than I do in a month! Keep up the great work! Love2U Sharon

hadonfield78 said...

They grow up too too fast dont they ??
My oldest is graduationg high school next week...

toonguykc said...

What a happy entry! I needed to read about some joy.  :)


ukgal36 said...


adlessor said...

I wish I had half of your energy.      You go girl.                  Dawn

bgilmore725 said...

Job well done, and congrats to Erin... loved her motoboard... so 60's! bea

bhbner2him said...

A weekend as only you could do it!  ;o)  -  Barbara

lurkynat said...

Dear Marti,
You and Caitlin had too much fun! You must be really proud! She is awesome!
I love the pictures too!

lurkynat said...

Big Congratulations on Erin's graduation!
I love you, natalie

princesssaurora said...

Awww.... glad you had such a full time!  You are amazing!

be well,