Tuesday, July 5, 2005

days at the beach

My daughter Mariah says I am like those baby sea turtles, turn me loose & I head blindly towards the water.

Here, the beach is where you grow up...all my "firsts"happened on the Island...the first time I swam out to the sandbar, the first time I went off for a weekend without my parents, first kiss, first time I got to drive a car alone, we all piled in & headed for the beach. My first date with my future husband was there.

My first concious memory is the sound of the tires going over the bridge, taking me to the Island.

I loved living in the desert & I thought I would never leave the mountains, but as Tom says, "when you relax a little , you start rolling back downhill" and we always ended up back here, where the salt water smell means good times ahead.

A lot of my friends won't ride with me to the beach, because I never go home until the stars come out (or the beer is gone)

The warm Gulf waters are like amniotic fluid, cradling me, rocking me, the waves whispering , "everything's gonna be alright"

When I'm at the beach , it always is. That's where I go to celebrate, to lick my wounds & regroup, to run into the wind. 


It's also where I get some of those wounds.

I was mentally 16 and forgot that I am physically 48.

I was wrestling with the teenagers in the surf, when I got a slipped disk in my neck.

It hurts!

What hurts worse is my doctor saying I have arthritis & degenerative disks. It sounds so (dare I say the word?) old. The doc told me to stay as active as I can, but after reviewing my chart (I went to him after I fell out of a tree last year) said , "maybe not that active."

Knowing I was all depressed, my dear Mariah, who knows me better than anyone else, woke me up the other day

"I took the  day off, "she daid ,presenting me with my neck brace, which she had decorated with sequins & bright red fabric paint flowers, "we are going to the beach!"

"but it's raining, "I protested feebly.

"when has that ever stopped us?" she demanded,ever her mother's daughter.

so, Katherine, who is staying with us until her mom recovers from the Lagoon, Caitlin , Mariah & I tootled off into the storm, singing & laughing. We huddled under a pier & had a great time!

It pays to raise 'em right!



dklars said...

I really enjoyed this entry, great pics, too!

gaboatman said...

You and I are so alike, Marty!  I enjoyed the Pics and hope you get to enjoy many more beach outings like this one.

demandnlilchit said...

It's true about the amniotic fluid. The water, especially the ocean has a way of washing away the things that have a negative hold on my soul. I feel cleansed and recharged again and I am ready for more of what life holds for me.

gdireneoe said...

What a great combination of words...I love the last line.       C.

jtuwliens said...

Awwww...  I wanna go!  I feel like I'm in the car with you right now, riding over the bridge, thunk, thunk, thunk of the car's tires on the pavement rhythmically passing underfoot, radio on listening to the best music, everyone laughing and catching up...  I wanna go, Marti!!!!!!  Please, please, please, please....???????  (I'll even bring beer, chips, and my own water-wings!)

b4i8clover said...

Your pleasure is appreciated. Don't ever lose it.
Bon & Mal

ryanagi said...

Aww! It sucks to be a kid on the inside and have to deal with this saggy aging lady body I am stuck with. I hear ya!  I love the ocean too. I just wish we lived closer to it.

courtenaymphelan said...


paisleyskys said...

I spent my teenage years on the Huron Lake , the great lakes beaches.
There is nothing more assuring that tomorrow is coming then starring off into the sunsets on great waters.
It almost feels like a promise.
Great entry and photos.
How lucky to have such a daughter...I bet it goes both ways.

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

karebear4x4 said...

Great pics!  Great entry!  sounds like what you get from the beach is what i get from mountains except without the water    Glad you have the beach to refresh your Soul which we need often in our lives!   hope your neck is doin' better soon   take care!~kbear

stormie4851 said...

The salt water seems to have a calming affect, the smell of the sea is one that draws and soothes......................Stormie

jmorancoyle said...

    Was it a month or two ago that you hurt yourself wrestling with teenagers? Please be careful!

ladyish28 said...

Sorry to hear about your injury! Everyone needs that place they can go to that takes them away from reality- or bring them back to it! (And you are so lucky you have daughters to enjoy those times with...) Hope you get to feeling better! ~Kori

ckays1967 said...

I love this one!!!  It pays to raise em right.  LOL

lurkynat said...

Derest Marti,
You are a wonderful writer,and I'm very sorry to hear about your arthritis and you slipped disk.I hope that you take some healing form seriously to address it
love and hugs nat