Wednesday, July 6, 2005

random vacation pictures

Warning:incredibly boring to those of you who weren't there...dont' feel obligated to look!

(but if you insist...)


karebear4x4 said...

kewl pics   looks like you all had a great time:-)~kbear

kkasey47 said...

Looks like it was fun. Feel happy to share anypics old or new...........Kasey

jtuwliens said...

I couldn't resist...I had to look, and I'm glad I did!  What great, fun, happy pictures they all are!

cyndygee said...

Love to see summer fun being had by all!  Thanks for sharing.

galadriel92000 said...

Just got back from my return to the sea's womb!!  The most beautiful site in the world to me is seeing TN in my rearview mirror.....the Gulf winds breathe life back into this tired old body!!  Even when they are stirred by the latest hurricane!! LOL  
  Hope you weathered the big blow well!!
 Marie in TN

gaboatman said...

Nothing boring about these Pics, Marti.  From all appearances a good time was definately being had.  Thanks for sharing these with us.

lurkynat said...

hugs Marti nat

lurkynat said...

Wow How beautiful and what a great party you guys had!

edandmariann said...

I saw them all earlier and I liked the pics.  I am a sucker for pics anyhow!  Now I wish I could figure out which one is you.  You must look young.