Wednesday, September 7, 2005

still alive on the gulf coast

Hi! I am at the libary on the computer,still no cable or phone, but we got power yesterday! I dont' have long ,there are other computer starved people in line,so I will just give you some random thoughts & unedited impressions of my life in the past week...

We are fine,no damage other than a yard full of limbs & loss of electrical juice...

I friend's 5 year old drawing a picture of "that big volcanoe that tore up all the trees..."

I remember...watching the squirrel-sized battery tv with my dear refugees where we had all gathered against the wind....we kept saying,"it's all gone?" as we saw the first footage of her Mississppi town where we have all celebrated every holiday together since the kids were we thought someone would tell us different...

I remember calling friends on borrowed cell phones loaned by straqngers...instead of saying hello when they pick up the phone it's,"I'm allright". Then , almost offhandedly they add, "but the house is gone"

I remember walking to the only convenience store open & hearing a man with an unmistakable Cajun accent & a Louisiana tag say "good morning" . When I asked "how are you", he started telling his storm story and pretty soon about 10 people had gathered to hug him, shake his hand, laugh & cry...

while waiting in the doctors office , a crowd ran to the tv ( which we hadnt seen in a week) when a woman said "look, the Cafe du Monde is still there" & strangers telling stories of how they used to sit with their boyfriends who became their husbands there, passing around tissues....

the strangest things make me cry these Caitlin, when I told her the beach is filled with debris,saying"where will we go on Saturday?"

Living on the edge has its price...and it's beauty.

I will write you all as soon as I can...






b4i8clover said...

Thank you for letting us know you're okay. We had visions ...
Thank God it was no worse.
Bon & Mal

ladyish28 said...

Thank God you and your family are okay!! I have been praying for you as well as the others that have been effected by the hurricane! Keep in touch when you can. ~Kori

jtuwliens said...

Big sigh of relief that you are well!  Take care of what matters and report back when you can.  Thank God you are okay!!!!!!  *whew*

gdireneoe said...

I am relatively new to your journal, so you won't recognize me.  SO glad to see you make an entry!  I can't recall right now...but I just saw someone else here in Jland wonder about you...glad you are safe. ;)  C.

karebear4x4 said...

I'm soooo Happy you all are ok basically!   thanks for letting us know   you're in my thoughts and prayers~kbear

justaname4me2 said...

Thoughts and hopes are coming your way from Idaho!! Please take care and keep us posted. I'm so glad your alright.

lurkynat said...

Dearest Marti,
Wow I have been praying and fussing  about you and Sam and some ohter friends and I definately have been worrying alot about you..and then you appear..unscathed but sad...together but tired...Thank the heavens youare okay adn your family and good friends are alright I am blessed love and hugs and I have missed you so much natalie

jmorancoyle said...

Dear Marti;
    I'm so glad you guys are safe. I've been worried about you.

paisleyskys said...

How fortunate!
The cost of living so close is getting greater each time....
Hope things can get to some state of normal for all of you soon.

"Life may not be the party we hoped for...  but while we are here we
might as well dance!"

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

alphawoman1 said...

A beautiful sad entry. I can not contain the tears, even after a week later. I am so relieved that you are ok.

galadriel92000 said...

 THANK GOD YOU ARE OK!!  I have watched the footage of the destruction.....and wondered if that was what was happening to you and your family.   Im so glad to know you and yours are in good shape!
   We are getting our share of refugees (about 450) in Johnson City in a few days..My daughter Jen who is an RN, is volunteering to assist in triage when they see that everyone gets the necesarry medical treatment....they have prepared them for what to look for...dysentery, infections(even the smallest scratch can have a serious infection after being exposed to that kind of filth) addiition to the usual medical probs...
  Im so glad you will not have to go through all that those poor people are having to endure.
    Much love....Marie in TN

dornbrau said...

Can't tell you how glad I am that you came through this okay.  There are so many sad stories.  I watch the news and find it hard to believe the pictures are of the United States... NOW!  Be safe.

ckays1967 said...


you had me at hello

cyndygee said...

I've missed you so much, Marti.  I knew that you'd been hit.  I just didn't know how hard.

I am sorry for the losses and all the inconvenience, but relieved that you and your family are okay!

Take care!

lamove04 said...

Marti, glad you're okay and hope things get back to some semblance of normalcy soon!!!  --Albert

txrebalgirl26 said...

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