Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Girl Scout sagas

I have been a Girl Scout leader for 10 years.

 The girls pictured here have been in my Troop since they were 5.

Up until this weekend's campout, I was real pleased with myself to report that I never lost a kid. Well, you know what happens when you get too sure of yourself...

Caitlin,my biological daughter and Desiree,child of my heart had gone for a walk.

We were all back at camp, the perfect picture of maternal concern, sitting at the picnic table playing poker, when a truck drove up . It was the very disgruntled ranger & our girls.

They had gotten lost ,stumbled onto his property and nearly been eaten by his dog!

He said,"they werent' lost, they were trying to meet some boy!"

Caitlin wailed, "We couldn't call anyone to meet us, we didn't know where we were!"

We have shared many adventures over the years.

We have been kicked out of 2 meeting places, one because we gave everyone head lice, one because we were too noisy.

We were tactfully told we would be welcome to come back to the Louisiana Nature Center when the girls were older..(they were only 7 and they have alligators there, what harm could we do?)

When they were 10, I put a different girl each week in charge of the activity.Brittney sent a note home telling everyone to bring a butcher knife to school .(she was going to carve pumpkins, ) I could just hear it on the news..."Girl Scouts plan an armed uprising, led by special ed teacher".

When they were 8, I asked Desiree to take a poll and find out what the meal choice was. I looked out to see her brandishing a stick and demanding"what do you want for lunch?" (Pole, not poll was apparantly her interpetation)

When they were 6, Ava, who had previously been given a lecture on tattling, asked me, "Ms. Marti, is it okay if Cailtin and Brandi are making butt prints on the wall?"

Upon leaving camp once, we stopped to put out the garbage. As I was driving off,Allie casually remarked, "you know you're leaving Desiree, dont' you?" I looked out the window at the child running along behind the car. (In my defense, it was a very fulland loud car)

Then there was the time we were stranded in a tent in such a horrible storm, I peed in a bucket with a child draped over my head, one on each arm and one on each leg.It was perhaps the most social urination that has ever taken place!

We went to visit a nursing home ,all full of human kindness & one of the residents told us,"That's why we llive here,so we dont' have to put up with kids!"

I was all sentimental once and told my girls that I was going to have it put in my obituary that I was their Girl Scout leader. Desiree replied, "that's probably what'll kill you!"

It has been the best thing I've ever done for my daughter and I, even though I did lose her in the woods!



candlejmr said...

Those stories were simply PRICELESS and the fact that those girls have actually stayed in the Girl Scouts for 10 years says you are one fantastic leader!  The peeing in the bucket was GREAT!  You and your daughter must have a really special bond and she will remember the memories forever!

demandnlilchit said...

I swear kids are our best source of entertainment! and sometimes our greatest source of anxiety! lol

Did I ever tell you that I was kicked out of Brownies??? long story! lol

mastersblynn said...

You sound like a "cool" girl scout leader.  I bet those girls just love you.  Thanks for bringing back the memories of being young and free.  I miss being a girl scout.  That was fun! Barbara

jtuwliens said...

You are incredible!  I bow to your abilities, humor, love, and grace.
Pee-ing in a bucket...   Wow!!!!  Not to mention commitment, that takes real concentration and precision aim to do that while balancing 5 children!  You're a fabulous lady in my book!

lv2trnscrb said...

Awesome entry! Had me laughing, but in the end, awesome to you for being their leader; for sticking with them. Great memories for them and for you! Well done!


karebear4x4 said...

:You should write a book of all your Girl Scout adventures:-)!~kbear

firestormkids04 said...

Wonderful memories!  Thanks so much for sharing.  Blessings, Penny http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere

hadonfield78 said...

That is alot of hard work, but the rewards of the memories and the lives that you have touched are many.
My daughters loved girl scouts.
Great Job you have done with it.
Sounds like your troop always has a good time...

b4i8clover said...

Thanks for giving us a peek into the world of a scout troop. Bonnie was in Brownies, but was too ill to progress to Girl Scouts.
Bon & Mal

gaboatman said...

I think it's absoluetly fantastic that you are a Girl Scout leader.  What a wonderful way to spend time with your girls.  Thanks for sharing this trip with us.  It sounds as though you all had a blast.

lurkynat said...

Dearest marti,
what acool entry! I loved it Lol
love and hugs, natalie

lurkynat said...

I did cub scouts, brownies and then cub scouts for years as a helper! love,natalie

mld12 said...

You sound like a soul-sister. I'm in my 50's with kids in college. I was a Girls Scout Leader from Daisy's on up until my daughter begged me to stop when she was going into 6 grade. I wistfully realized then that I had prbably been enjoying G.S. every bit as much as the girls.  I still see some of my old girls and I will forever remember the fun (?) things like Wild Caving, covered with mud from head to toe...getting soaked to the skin white-water rafting...Our trip to Savannah to Juliette Gorden Lowe's house...and where one of the girls saw the ocean for the first time in her life...as Brownies, my daughter and three others earned every single "try-it" offered. We became a "super troop".  We were named the most active troop in the Appalachian G.S. Counsel.  As they grew up we tried to hold their interest by going to "Windy Knob Lodge" for a weekend, where we staged fasion shows, got someone from MaryKay to teach them about make-up.  But I realized that our wonderful years were over. My daughter (and son too--they are twins) are both college sophomores and I found myself with my 28 year old marriage on the rocks.  But life goes on. I have a wonderful man in my life now and I never, not even for a minute stopped feeling like a kid. I'm proud to say that my body looks good to me and that I like myself and have much more self confidence than I did when I was young.  I had a fantastic job as a flight attendant with Delta, and I am a nurse as well.  But now I'm retired...early, yes. But I have some health related problems.  Would I like to go back at redo some of my life? Sure...if I could take my hard earned wisdom with me.  I'm happy I grew up in the exciting sixties and seventies--and feel sort of sorry for my kids and the pressures and problems they face.

shayshaydc said...

Great entry!!! Look at the memories you are making!!!! And at the fun you are having!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

am4039 said...

you sound like my kind of leader.  How fun you are and I'm sure all the girls love you.

sanforized6 said...

Good stuff!! rich

bgilmore725 said...

An entertaining entry! See, everything isn't always sugar and spice with girls, like some think. You handle them well, and have a great relationship with your daughters and their friends. I was a Scout leader for five years... A Boy Scout Leader, that is! Yeah, but I had a son, and they needed leaders too, and moms are aloud to lead as Den Leaders and Pack Leaders, I was both. Many camping trips later, I am all camped out. I learned a lot as a scout leader, and frankly, I think it had a great deal to do with my eventually becoming a teacher.  Yes, my first training as a teacher came about while leading scouts long before I ever dreamed that one day I'd be in the classroom. I have them to be thankful for.  Great entry, Marti. Bea