Sunday, January 1, 2006

A new year...Old memories

Five am....

A very new year....

I've spent it the way I've spent the last 10.

The way I hope to spend the next 10.....

Laughing and eating Hopping John with the same people....

I hope next year we all have a house....

For the last few years we have

all been at Stacey's house...

she doesnt'have a house now...

but we have each other....

we will all be all right...

and soon it will be Mardi Gras!

Everyone but me and the teenagers are asleep...

They are awake because it is near dawn and they feel like they can fly....

I am awake because I have to babysit at 7 and I have to cross the bridge between partying and working at some point.

Now seems as good a time as any.

We have a really good time,my 5 friends,our 10 children, 4 husbands and I.

We have such a good time , it's pretty mellow.

For a really good New Year's Eve story I have to take you back a few years....

It is 1985

 I have taught school for 2 years,

but I was not willing to let my little girl take her first steps for strangers ,

 so we sold our car,

moved into a cheap apartment

& I waited tables at a bar at night ,

so either my husband or I could always be with our baby.

It is New Year's Eve.

Mariah is 4 and spending one of her very few evenings with her gramma.

 I have to work at the bar.

Tom is going to a party.


I told Tom to do whatever he wanted to , but be there to kiss me at midnight.

He has problems.

He runs into a ditch.

 He calls a friend.

They cant get him out.

They call a wrecker.

Time is getting short.

Tom flags down a passing car and explains the situation,

that the problem is not so much the stuck car as it is the promise that needs to be kept.

It is midnight and all of the wait staff is dancing on the bar.

 I look across all the heads and I see Tom.

He is the father of my children.

We have been married 26 years.

But the memory of

 the sight of him

coming across that bar room floor

 to kiss me that New Year's....

I can still see it

 and it still leaves me breathless.....

after all these years.


dklars said...

What a wonderful memory.  I hope 2006 is a wonderful year for y'all!

karebear4x4 said...

A wonderful memory!   Happy New Year Marti    hope you & your family & friends have a wonderful 2006!~kbear

jtuwliens said...

What a fantastically romantic love story!
Happy New Year...  2006 will be extraordinary.  ::clink, clink::
With Love,

coy1234787 said...

Awww ... it still takes
your breath away : )
Happy New Year.
*** Coy ***

b4i8clover said...

Thanks for the story, Marti, we know what's behind it ... we feel it ourselves.
Happy New Year to you.
Bon & Mal

lurkynat said...

Happy New Year!
love, natalie

lv2trnscrb said...

Happy New Year's Marti! What a beautiful story about you and your husband; your obvious love for him is so greatly appreciated these days!


demandnlilchit said...

I have spent the last 10 New Year Eve with 20 of our closest friends too, much more intimate and fun for the adutls and the kids. New Years Eve is also my Hubby's b-day so we always include the kids. We danced, we laughed, we hugged, we told each other how much we all meant to one another. Life can't get any better than that! Happy New Year Marti!!!

lurkynat said...

so sorry for all of the sadness

sazzylilsmartazz said...

How beautifully romantic ~ I'm engaged and hope I am still talking about Sean that way 26 years from now. I'll also be teaching - English literature.
I hope your Holiday was a fantastic one and the New Year brings you peace, happiness and additional love.
On, by the way - Natalie sent me your journal.

bosoxblue6993w said...

what a bittersweet little memoir ... beautifully rendered and written.

tschamberland said...

Now that is romance, that is real love.  What a great memory and what a wonderful night it must have been.

Oh, by the way, considered yourself tagged!

debbted said...

Sunny~Breathless after all these years! Yay! ;-)))) I hope you get a new house soon, although it sounds you're having fun with your friends! May God bless you & family richly this new year, Sassy ;-)