Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Sad Story of Saintly Overworked Mom

Saintly Overworked Mom comes in from number 2 job after going to the store.

Drunken Husband grills steaks...

 falls asleep...

Saintly Overworked Mom chisels 25$ worth of shoe leather off the grill and feeds it to the cats.

Slutty Older Daughter is off with Wont'  Marry Her Boyfriend.

Lazy Cheerleader can't wash the dishes due to mysterious pains in her leg that cause her too much agony to stand at the sink but do not in any way prohibit back flips.

No problem that can't be solved by evicting Mariah,

divorcing Tom,

putting Caitlin up for adoption,

 burning the house down,

 changing my name

& going to Mexico!

Arsonist Anonymously,



b4i8clover said...

You go, girl!

mastersblynn said...

I hate days like these!  Maybe you should just get a good book and park yourself on the couch and say you are on strike!  Only make something to eat for yourself.  Be convincing!  Then at the end of the day you could always gather them all together for a meeting an just say these two words to them....April Fools!  Then laugh hysterically and go back to reading! LOL Barbara

jtuwliens said...

My day of working in the fields pales in comparison to the Saintly Overworked Marti!
Judith <~~~leaving a book of matches on your doorstep.

am4039 said...

omg I me and the kids have days like this too. LOL. I'll go to Mexico with you and hide out. Hope your day gets better.

astaryth said...

ROFL!! Yep, we all have days when we feel like running away to Mexico (with or without previous arsinist activity) is a GREAT idea!

lifes2odd said...

ROFL!! You are so hysterical! Great entry! Martha :-)

demandnlilchit said...

Hey your gonna need a side-kick while in me! lmaoooooooo

lurkynat said...

hey Yeah(hitchhiking) can you take me Sweetie?

sanforized6 said...

Isn't it great to be able to just get it out of your system here in J-Land? rich