Saturday, April 1, 2006

Chronicles of a Cheerleader

It is March 20.In many ways, an important day for Caitlin.

2 years ago, she shattered both bones in her right leg and ended hopes of winning first place in the state in gymnastics.

Last year on this date, she went to a neighboring town to see Slipknot with her older sister and Terry, my son-out law, Mariah's eternal boyfriend.A Slipknot concert is not a place you send your baby without some trepidation, but Terry is big & Mariah is mean& they both think the sun rises and sets on Caitlin, so I felt she was probably safer there than she was on the porch with Tom & me.

This year, she made junior varsity cheerleader on the oldest and most prestigious squad in Mobile County.(we here in the south like old stuff.) And you know what high society folks we are, right? Right, we are the kind of people who get drunk and paint the porch chairs tie dye with red and blue spray paint. (we actually did that last weekend)

It happened this way....

the girls go in groups of 4 before judges. No parents are allowed on campus.After try outs , everyone must leave campus and come back at nine o'clock to look on the door to see who make the cut. (I don't' know why the security issues... Is there a problem with rioting parents?)

Caitlin's name was there.

There were tears,



I love the drama of teen hood!

We went out for milk shakes with Samantha and her mom Gina....

a new adventure!


b4i8clover said...

Congratulations, Marti. you must be doing something right.

dklars said...

Yay for Caitlin!!  Congratulations

am4039 said...

that is just wonderful. Congrats to Caitlin.  I bet the porch chairs look nice.

lifes2odd said...

Congrats to Caitlin!! Whoo Hoo! :-)

lifes2odd said...

Forgot to add -- Can I have those chairs for my patio? :-)

lurkynat said...

((((BIg Congratulations Caitlin!)))))))
love adn hugs Marti! I know youwere proud!
(sitting on Marti's porch, feeling at home)
Ilove ya!