Friday, March 31, 2006

My Crazy Assistant

I love love love my teaching assistant.

She is gentle & kind.

She will also go to sleep if you don't watch her.

I don't' mean decorous nodding off.

I mean laying down.

On the rug.

In the midst of the children.


I gave her a stack of papers the other day. It was material I had printed from the Internet. For some reason, several pages didn't go through. They were blank with just the web address at the bottom of the page.

I must've had a look that bothered her on my face, because she said, "you told me to make 10 copies of everything in that stack, so that is just what I did".

"why, Crazy Assistant, why would you copy a blank page?" I asked.

"well, I thought you wanted extra blank sheets for them to draw on!', she said.

Oh, I love this could it get any better?


lifes2odd said...

LOL!!! Sounds like a real winner! Good to have an entry from you. I'd been wondering how you were doing! Martha :-)

lv2trnscrb said...

that is too cute! Gotta love them :)


mastersblynn said...

just following your instructions! LOL Barbara

demandnlilchit said...

Now that was funny! lol lol lol

psychfun said...

Oh good lord! And then college students complain why we give them more homework with critical thinking! Ugh! Well it was worth the laugh (stress reliever) for you! HA!

am4039 said...

oh my have fun working with her. lol

lurkynat said...

oh my ! I'm sorry Marti! sheesh! sigh!
I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!