Friday, March 3, 2006

deception and detection part two, trying again

Okay, I am going to try once again to write my entry about the merry misadventures of Caitlin and Desiree.

They are out for an evenings recreation,when I receive a phone call from Cailtin , all chipper,asking if she can spend the night with Desiree.

I told her no ,she had to watch Victoria (job 3) because I had to go to job 1. Victoria's mom is out of town & today was a teacher work day.

"Oh, no problem,"she airily assured me, "Desiree's mom will bring me home in the morning."

I begin to smell the proverbial rat stronger at this point.

Desiree's mom works nights and I can't see her as being way enthusiastic over an early morning trek across town.

So I called her at work.

She said Desiree had told her she was spending the night with Caitlin.

That one is as old as granma's toes!

If you are going to lie to me, at least have the respect to make it a good one!

I called Cailtin and told her, that she , Desiree & Boyfriend Billy had 5 minutes to get home.

They pulled up and I was on the porch, remembering the days when I would've danced on my mama's grave & shot my dog for a night out with my friends.

"Got your stories straight?" I asked.

Caitlin was defiant, "why were you checking up on me like a cop?"

"Cause I knew you were lying, darlin"

Desiree looked just like she looked when she was 7 and ate all the Girl Scout snack.(she said she dropped it , if I remember correctly)

Boyfriend Billy was in abject terror.

I was in the midst of one of my more profound philosophical speeches,when Tom , who was oblivious to the entire situation, threw a garden hose up on the porch. He then ran into the house.

"What's happening?"quavered Desiree.

I was not to be deterred from my point."something's wrong with the air conditioner'< I replied, then resumed my speech about shame and secrecy.

"Is it on fire?" Desiree timidly asked

This was a reasonable assumption, as Tom was running from room to room with a hose..

"that's not important right now"I grumbled.

At that point, Tom appeared triumphant and gave a long pointless speech about how an air conditioner works.

Boyfriend Billy was transfixed.

I will check up on the gadabout girls every time they leave the house now.

Boyfriend Billy's mom and I have talked on the phone quiet a few times.

The air conditioner works.

And the porch has another story to tell.



lifes2odd said...

Are you sure you aren't living in my house? LOL!! Martha :-)

am4039 said...

lol just funny stuff.  

lurkynat said...

Dearest Marti,
AW you go Mommy Bear!:):) ZGOOd sleuthing my Buddy!:):)
Youa nd I have to keep teh odds down by gettng these facts down cold lol
love you tons,natalie

demandnlilchit said...

Oh I soooooooooo never got caught in all my teenage doings! lol My poor kids never stood a chance at getting anything past me unless I thought it was innocent and harmless enough to let them "think" they got one over on ole' Mom. This reminded me of a time when my middle daughter and her friends weere trying to plot something up and my daughter in the end said she wasn't having anything to do with it because she didn't want the wrath of her momma down on her head, her friends insisted that I would never find out and she insisted her Momma knows everything! lmaooooooooo My youngest daughter is starting to stretch her deviate mind right now, I of course had to remind her why she will never be as good as her Mothers deviance! lmaoooooo It always help to have my MOther back up everyone of my stories and then my kids realize MOM WAS SOOOOOOOOO COOL and SOOOO SMART BACK THEN! lol

shayshaydc said...

Ah.............. the joys of being the mother of teenage girls!!!!!!!!!!! LOL........

ccancu said...

Why doesn't ANYTHING ever happen on MY porch . . .  I take that back, a pigeon pooped on it yesterday!

onemoretina said...

 Oh, did this entry bring back some memories!  My son used to pull that routine, too ... among others !  My favorite line was the " Why were you checking up on me like a cop" one.  I was always amazed when my son would make a crack like that, to turn the tables on me.  When he would do this, I would think back to the days when I was a teen, and the fact that I would never have gotten the opportunity to make a remark like that, because I'd be dead already ! lol   Our kids don't know how lucky they are .... or DO they ?????   Thanks for bringing me a chuckle.  Oh, I know it's not funny, but see ... you really will get to the point where you can look back and laugh !   Tina

debbted said...

Sunny~This story could have came from my sister's household too; just change the names and not even your job! I have neglected stopping by for so long that you changed the name of your journal. Imagine I still have the nerve to keep you in my sidebar...Have a great weekend. Blessings, Sassy ;-)

southernmush said...

Hi ! I saw your journal and I have to say its beautiful. I like reading the part " All About Me " part iin your journal. I really think that it was poetic writing.........I like your Porch Stories. I will visit your journal again soon........Take care.

plieck30 said...

Found your journal over at Martha's journal. I come from a long line of porch sitters so I checked it out and I like it. Paula