Friday, March 17, 2006


I called my sister in law and  dear friend Eileen last Friday.

"Hey, You wanna go to the beach tomorrow?"

"Well, I can't .Tomorrow's my birthday and I am going to Mama's for the usual dinner."

Inaudilbel gasp on my part. Quick thinking was called for here.

I had no idea it was her birthday, despite the fact I have been celebrating it with her for 27 years.

"Yeah, that's why I called. I wanted to take you to the beach for a surprise party.We can go Sunday instead."

"oh, you are so sweet. The best birthday I ever had was when you took me to the beach for my 40th birthday!"

(It must've been a blast, 'cause I dont' remember it!)

But I got extra good sisiter in law points for it!

Things are good here.

Tom's shoulder is so much better than we ever thought it would be. He can raise his arm over his head! We were told he would never be able to do that ever again. Now I am almost embarrassed by all the good wishes and help we received, becasue it is so much better than we feared. He is back at work, not able to lift, but making windows like a big dog.

Cailtin is busily engaed in getting out of doing homework. She had a fit of teenage angst the other night and tearfully exclaimed, "the only thing that's good in my life is my hair straightener!"

I promise,she was raised with the right priorities in life... I tried....

Other news from the porch...

I am going to the New Orleeans Jazz and Heritage Festival to see Bruce Springsteen!

When I squealed about this for the 200th time this weekend, Tom wearily asked me if I was going to be insufferable from now until April 30 (concert date) and I said , "probably so".

I really love him.

When Mariah was about 4 and being sassy over some power struggle we were having, I asked her in exasperation, "who's the boss here?"

Delighted that Mama wasn't fussig any more, and we were playing a game, she replied, "Bruce Springsteen!"

Caitlin, as a little one, used to confuse Santa with Jerry Garcia.

yep, I raised 'em right!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

We are going to a little local Irish pub to hear my nephew play in a band. We are so proud. He is actually making a living as a musician!

Love to all and hear's hoping your beer won't make you green!




demandnlilchit said...

I had the BIGGEST crush on Bruce Springsteen in the 80's, that man looked GOOD in levis! lmaoooo I'm so happy Toms arm is doing better than expected! I'm cracking up over the hair straightner thingy with your youngest! Never under estimate a good hair day! lol lol lol

jtuwliens said...

Oh my...  You are a slick one!!!!!  I like that quality in you.  You have your priorities straight.  And, that, my friend, is a good thing!

mastersblynn said...

Whew great save!  Who's the boss LOL Barbara

lifes2odd said...

You ARE slick!! LOL!! Sounds like a party over your way as usual! I talked to Bruce Springsteen on the phone once many years ago when I worked for American Express. Worst part is I didn't realize it was "The" Mr. Springsteen I was talking to until after I had got off the phone!--Duhhh!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Martha :-)

am4039 said...

hope you had a great time on st. patty's day.  LOL good catch with the sister in law.

onemoretina said...

Hey .... Enjoy Bruuuuce !!  Wanna hear all about it after you go.   Tina

alphawoman1 said...

I'm so jealous. He was one of the best concerts I ever saw!

ccancu said...

Oh, you ARE fast on your feet.  Hope the surprise party is another big success.

The news about Tom is JUST THE BEST.  What a blessing!

lurkynat said...

hey Marti!:): I'm gonna call 'ya Slick Marti Eh?(lifting eyebrows)
cool save sweetie!love 'ya,nat
ps Hey have agreat time at teh Bruce Springsteen concert! tthat is way cool dude!

karebear4x4 said...

OMG!  i Love Bruce Springsteen!   i wanna go with you    somehow, someway i'm going to see him in concert this year    still loving your porch stories!  i have a new computer so i can now send you some email:-)!~kbear

cyndygee said...

your daughter and her friend are both adorable!  oh, to be that age . . .  and feel GOOD again.  What a happy thought!  ;-)