Thursday, March 2, 2006

gettin'all the goody out of it

well, the madness is over for another year.

I've cleaned up the half-eaten moonpies,

thrown out the beads I scrambled all over the concrete to get,

recycled the beer cans,

caught up on my sleep,

waved goodbye to my friends, some of them for the last time till next year.

Someone asked me was I sad it was over.

"Hell, no", I answered, 'I got all the goody out of it".

(this phrase was unwittingly coined by my eldest when asked why she only chewed a piece of gum for 5 minutes)

I have since made it my philosophy of life.

When I go to a movie, I see all the credits,

When I go to a bar , I stay till last call,

When there are friends to talk to, I stay up all night,

when there are Hershey's kisses, I eat the whole bag.

when I come to the end of this life I hope I can say ,

"I used this all up, let's see what comes next"

No regrets,

"I got all the goody out of it"

More poetically, in the words of the musical that is Caitlin's latest obsession which blasts through our house at all hours of the day and night,

"no day but today".


bgilmore725 said...

A good philosophy to follow. No regrets. Get all the goody out of it. I like it. Bea

lurkynat said...

Dear marti,
Aw good job sunshine! love,natalie

am4039 said...

got to love it, sounds good to me.  

shayshaydc said...

Well said!!!!

cyndygee said...

Marti, there's a whole lot of GOODY in YOU!

lifes2odd said...

I LOVE IT!! You have the best attitude!! Martha :-)