Thursday, June 15, 2006

vacation is over.

The speech teacher and I stood on our desks and belted out a raccous and tuneless version of "School's Out for the Summer"that would've made Alice Cooper really chop his head off (those of you who don't understand this reference probably don't have crow's feet either)


Here we all gathered,

 Paula and her girls with their soft Atlanta voices....

Dear Stephanie, with her spirit stronger through her illness.....

Stacey with her bluster hiding her kind heart....barreling in from Mississippi

Dana of the sharp tongue and unswerving loyalty 

There was a slight noise...

only if you were really attuned could you hear it 

It was the universe falling into place.....

The Lagoonatics were all in one spot again....

We went to Dana's

slept on the dock to the sound of the waves

woke to the sun and floated the days away on the bay.

Shouting the cry, "Party at Marti's"we spent the once in a lifetime half and  half birhday party with about 60 other brave souls from the ages of 14 months on up.

See, this summer, Mariah is 25 and I am 50!

It was a great party!

When I get my puter issues resolved we'll see pictures.

Till then, walk softly on this good green earth and party like you're halfway home!



lurkynat said...

ALright Party Hardy!
have a great time Marti!
love you,natalie
ps does caitlin go to sumemr school
my teen is running nuttier thanever

am4039 said...

schools out was always my favorite song. Have a great summer.

demandnlilchit said...

Love the party like your half way home!

xomywayox said...

Got Crows Feet? LoL Yipper doddles I do.