Saturday, March 8, 2008

Midnight Singing

Tom and I were playing guitars last night
He knows his way around a song,
 has been playing for 30 or so years.
Me, not so much
I believe that what you cant' learn to do well
 you can learn to enjoy doing poorly.
 the music that flows by osmosis
 from his heart and hands to mine.
 the songs Ive heard so long,
on porches and beaches
 my fingers stumble and find on the strings
and I think
about the magic of a good long marriage....
how he has become more me
 and I have become more him.
as the music flows so does the spirit...
He is as comfortable as this old guitar
in my arms
He loves me
 like he loves his hands..
on the strings.
he doesn't need to think of them,
 they are always there.
hitting the right note
and the things we fear
growing old
being sick
are just another chorus
on this old song


plieck30 said...

Just beautiful! Paula

deshelestraci said...


princesssaurora said...

Wow, Marti... that was gorgeous... your words struck just the right chord...

{{{ hugs to you both - you are blessed }}}

be well,

karebear4x4 said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!   Love this   well spoken from the heart....kbear....p.s.  photos are posted!

shrbrisc said...

This entry sounded like a song to my years beautiful

toonguykc said...

This was a really, really REALLY well done entry!  Bravo!


gazker said...

Wow, that was gob smacking, I loved it.
Gaz xxxxxx

gaboatman said...

I Love the thoughts and message of what you have written here.  Beautifully put!

lindaggeorge said...

How lovely.


nhd106 said...

What a beautiful entry...


makemarc said...

I didn't think you were suffering from a shortage of commenters, but I do read your journal.  But if start to go back and forth with all my commenters I could spend hours a day...

luddie343 said...

Thank you for this rythmic journey through a unique, lovely partnership.  CATHY  

ukgal36 said...

love this!

krmprm said...

I just love a love story!  How refreshing to read about a happy family. Congrats
to the cheerleaders.   Happy St. Patricks Day!     Blessings,   Pat