Wednesday, June 4, 2008

kar (ma) trouble

Luckily  I made it home
my car is weird
it won't go into gear
when it is in park
(and yes, I did have my foot on the brake, Tom)
I have to stick a screwdriver into the little hole by the gear shift to make it go
A woman my age doesn't need car trouble
If you are young and hot
 people help you
If you are old and frail
people help you
At my age you might stand there forever
It's time to get me a tool box
and help myself
(this could be a metaphor for much)


sugarsweet056 said...

Hope you get that car fixed ASAP. I hate car trouble!

dklars said...

Mystery solved - the package I sent you was returned to me as "Not at this address"  Could you please email me your address again so I can mail it back to you?   Thanks.  I hope your car gets fixed!  ~~Kath~~

rdautumnsage said...

I've had my own tool box for some time now....I'm with a musician who doesn't function much outside his musical talents. Hope the car is fixed soon. It sucks feeling like the middle child these days doesn't it? (Hugs) Indigo

kamdghwmw said...

Your car is sounding like my car! When the girls were little I had a 79 buick. All steel and I loved it. I had at some point briken off the turn signal so my dad shoved a screw driver in there for me! I miss that car.

princesssaurora said...

Oh boy... hell yes... that was deep!!!!!  Hope the car is ok soon.

be well,

plieck30 said...

Screwdrivers stuck in little holes does come in handy sometime. Carry your shorts with you to change into and maybe that will help. No not what you think, to be cooler working on your car. Paula

shrbrisc said...

Your linkage is shot , you can buy a kit at autozone and do it yourself .. go on their sight it will help you

toonguykc said...

I think a lot of us are stuck in that "in between" age too.  SIGH


luddie343 said...

Indeed it could.  Cars age, we age - get someone to buy you a new one, you think you'll get younger lol?  I gave my car to my brother, let him deal.  Buses, trains and cabs work ok for me.  But with painful honesty, if I were 21 again I'd be driving a tricked-out 66 Mustang.  Again!   xoxo CATHY

bgilmore725 said...

You see, the change in attitude comes when your hair turns gray or white, whatever non color you will have one day. Mine is a combo of white on the front, grayish in the back. Just a hint that I once had color, but no one who meets me for the first time now would realize I once had auburn hair. Anyway, boys are always offering to put my groceries in the car for me, people offer to help me lift things at Walmart... I wonder, do I look that old? Some restaurant staff assume I'm a senior citizen, and give me the discount. When they ask if I am, I say "not yet" but if they assume, I don't stop them. Yeah, your hair color is still youthful... you won't get the special treatment until your hair turns gray!!! No matter that you aren't really old. It's the hair color, I am sure. But i do remember having car trouble when I was young, and help was never more than a few seconds away. People were always so polite and helpful, and accepted nothing in return. My problem then was that I wasn't really aware that I was 'hot'... but apparently there were a few folks who thought I was! <sigh> Not I'm hot, throughout the day and night, but the heat radiates from the inside and no one notices but me!  I loved your metaphor! bea