Friday, December 16, 2005

the 5er

     1.  Do you ever go to someone's journal and just think to yourself, "Oh they go again...get over it already!"  And do you think your answer is naughty or nice? 

No, I am really glad to hear things from other's lives

     2.  I kinda think naughty can be fun and nice can get boring. Tell us something you have done lately that was naughty.

I haven't been naughty enough lately. i fear I run the risk of being 'Miss Goody Two Shoes"

     3.  Have you ever used the "If you are naughty Santa won't bring you any presents" line on your kids?  And if they remained naughty did you ever withhold their presents?

I tried it with Mariah, but she said,"here's the phone! You just call him right now and tell him to keep his old presents! i 'm tired of being good!"

     4.  If you were at the work Christmas party and your "naughty" boss gave you a squeeze on your back side would you tell anyone?

depends on if the boss is hot....hmmm....maybe I could be a little naughty!

     5.  Tell us about an unexpected nice thing someone has done for you this December...or something nice you have done for something else that wasn't expecting it.

     People have been so sweet to me.Two women I hardly know have given me a good sum of money without any strings attached . I am shocked at the kindness of people. 


b4i8clover said...

"Depends on if the boss is hot ..." What, would you pinch him back? Naughty, naughty.
Bon & Mal

lv2trnscrb said...

I loved what Mariah said; she's one tough cookie :)


lurkynat said...

Dear Sunnyside,
You truly bathe your friends here in the wonderful sunshine and love that you have for all of us!!!!!Thank you so much for being sucha great friend to us all! lvoe and hugs!222xoxoxoxo natalie

judypearllove said...

I enjoyed your answers stop by for the 12 days of christmas and a country christmas wish