Monday, December 12, 2005


Tom's surgery went well, much better than we originally thought.

The way things stand now, the doc feels he has a 75% chance of getting 75% of the use of his arm. He will not be able to do the work he has done for the past 20 years, making doors and windows, but he will be able to play his guitar and get around okay.

The past weeks have been a a blur to me.

I can hardly even remember what has happened. I have been going to work at 7:30 until 3:00, going to tutor from 4 until 7 and baby sitting from 8 until 3:00. ( It'a not as bad as it sounds, Victoria goes to bed at 9 and I sleep on their couch)

It has bugged me that we didn't have our Christmas tree up yet.We usually have it up by the day after Thanksgiving, so it is practically nude by Christmas!

 I told my daughters I was putting it up yesterday,come hell or high water (which is not a good threat to make in this area of the country)

Caitln had spent the night with a friend and I called her to say I was coming to get her. She kinda hemmed and hawed a bit, less than enthusiastic about coming home. I was such a good mom, "Okay, you do what ever you want to , but I am putting up the tree. Just call your sister and let her know you wont' be here."

What I wanted to say was more along the lines of, "well, just forget about your poor mother who is working so hard to try to give you a Christmas...go ahead and break her heart"

Do I get extra points for restraint?

Well that took care of that.

20 minutes later, Mariah showed up with Caitlin in tow!

See, parents of teens, they do grow up and realize what matters!

 Mariah wouldn't miss trimming the tree with her daddy and I for the world.( apparantly wont' let her sister miss it either)

The second picture is of my house Sunday with the terrible teens. Since they were 5, their moms have all gotten together and made cookies at Christmas.They love this tradition and never want anything to change. Stephanie, the head baker mom in in the group has had a hard time with chronic fatigue lately. We are all worried about her. The kids were quite indignant about the Cookiefest not being held at her house.

Instead of carefully prepared cookies and homemade frosting, I threw some store-bought cookie dough sheets at them and told them to have at it! A few flour fights later, they had some cookies made and a lot of fun!

The other shot is a random one of them last summer that I just liked. They look like Laguana Beach.

Life is good here on the sunnyside.


psychfun said...

Hope everything goes well. Yep, amazing what older siblings will do with younger ones! HA!

b4i8clover said...

We already expended what energy our few brain cells contained writing the email, so here we'll just say hi!
Bon & Mal

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm glad your husband's surgery went well; and I'm glad he will still be able to play the guitar. As a wife of an avid guitar player, it would be a terrible thing not to be able to do. Loved the pictures and the story of your teens. I have a teen at home and know the feeling well :)


jtuwliens said...

I'm so glad to hear Tom's surgery went well.  You've been working yourself to the bone, dear.  The cooking party flour fight sounds like fun.  I'm sure the kids had a great time.  You should stash some of those cookies away for yourself, though, and just sit there and enjoy them all by yourself when you have a few minutes.  Either that, or you can rob a bank with me!  ::wink::

lurkynat said...

great pictures and thank you!

sanforized6 said...

Glad it all worked out. rich

cyndygee said...

Life is FULL of challenges on the Sunnyside.  I think of you often and say little prayers for you and your hubby.  You have SO much on your plate, but one of the things that's ON your plate is an incredible ATTITUDE.  I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy . . .  (on my knees on floor, throwing arms and hands down as I bend over . . .   not REALLY, that would put me in the hospital!).  Stop over (in your spare time) and read the news from the Whineyside!!!

Love ya, Marti!  ;-)