Sunday, January 6, 2008

A boy Becomes a Man

Cas and I talk a lot.
We always have been philosophers, since he was a scrawny nine year old.
He has been well and lovingly brought up by both the Lagoonatic joyful indulgence form of child-rearing and by his equally loving but (luckily) stricter grandma.
His mom, a lively, funny, intelligent woman, has struggled with substance abuse since before his birth, so has never been able to have custody of him.
His dad died shortly after he was born from drug-induced hepatitis C.
I settled down beside him at New Year's
"so", I said, "what are you gonna do to celebrate your 18th birthday ?"
"oh, I'm getting a tattoo!"
"Really? What will it say?"


lifes2odd said...

Wow. That is awesome. That one word brought me to tears!
Hugs, Martha

sdoscher458 said...

He's ahead of the game if he has a grasp on reality like that. Give that boy a lot of hugs, hope he meets a really great girl and has a wonderful, Sandi

bhbner2him said...

Well, if he can wear it inside where it really counts he's way ahead of the pack!  ;o)  -  BArbara

adlessor said...

That's a smart kid.    Best wishes to him for the New Year.        Dawn

bgilmore725 said...

I'd give my approval for that tatoo! bea

nay0114 said...

Nice thought and it's the only way to get on with your life.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

princesssaurora said...

Quite a wise young man he has become... Happy Birthday Cas!

be well,

toonguykc said...

He's more of an adult than I am.  Impressive young man.


ktkamanski said...

Powerful ~ Says alot from a mouth of a babe! Thank you for always sharing what's real! My heart thanks you for being you, my friend. Take care always,

jmorancoyle said...

    Wow, what a wonderful sentiment. An upbringing like that is hard, but to put it aside and 'forgive' is much harder. Cudoos to him.