Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nascar...Porch style

Hi, all...
we went to New Orleans for a cheer leading convention this weekend
lots of screaming girls with ribbons
the best part was visiting with my BIL and SIL  Mitch and Cheryl.
They should run a bed and breakfast
they are the best hosts.
we spent the night

We're lounging around in our pj's talking
we get a call from Mariah
"You remember Caitlin has got to be here at 3 to go to the Foofighters concert"
No, I didn't remember...
It's 12:00
It's a 3hour drive for normal people.
Remember my Interstate phobia?
Tom and I drive 55
we stop every 20 minutes for me to pee ,
 for him to smoke
and for Caitlin to dither about hyper actively...
we take unknown side roads
we stop to examine interesting roadkill
we are not a fast traveling bunch.
It also takes at least an hour to say goodbye to anyone in our family.
we all have to hug
everyone thinks of something they just have to tell you right now even though you have been there for days
no one EVER knows where their stuff is
People have to show you something in the attic..."well, I know I had it here somewhere, let's look in that other box"
I hugged Mitch while he was in the tree cutting grapefruit for me to take home,,,
("just one more, this is a good one")
pulled Tom by the arm
and threw Caitlin's suitcase in the back
we're still in our pajamas
I took two Valium
wrapped my head up in my sweat shirt
and told Tom to let 'er rip!
Every now and then I peeked out with one eye to ask, "I'm not making you nervous , am I ?"
We made it by 3!
Watch those side roads,


shrbrisc said...

lol I am so glad that you didn't get pulled over in your pj's what would you have said ,lol fresh grapefruit I am so jealious

rdautumnsage said...

Doc and I are just as bad on road trips. We hate rushing. Glad you made it back in time. (Hugs) Indigo

deshelestraci said...

Oh that's funny!  Good thing she called, huh?!  At least your hubby has the good sense to drive nicely for you!  Mine just drives like a crazy person and scares me!

gaboatman said...

Still chuckling here, Marti!  This sounds all to familiar to me, LOL.  Are we related?

lsfp1960 said...

Sounds like a wild but fun weekend.  Linda in Washington state

plieck30 said...

Thats my kind of trip. Inspecting the road kill and any other little interesting things on the side of the country road. I've taken to going out in my housecoat lately. Its kinda nice ain't it? Paua

karebear4x4 said...

LOL    great story after a long week for me and it's not over-ugh!  glad you had fun anyways and made it in time ~kbear

ukgal36 said...

i hate the interstate too! And i love new it love it love it!
I got beads to prove it...;-)

kamdghwmw said...

I have never been to new orleans. That is on my list of places to go before I die! LOL

princesssaurora said...

OMG... lol Glad she made it... Glad you had a nice visit too!  The valium and hiding in a sweatshirt works for me too!  LOL

be well,

gapurplescorpion said...

It's funny, but I can drive from north of Atlanta, where I live, to visit family in Cincinnati all by myself on 75, never have any qualms at all.  But if I have to drive anywhere on the interstate in Atlanta, I will freak out!  If I actually have to go into Atlanta, forget it!  I guess the thought of going home is something soothing to look forward to!  Sounds like you are on your way to overcoming your fear!


gazker said...

OMG, it's sonded like a nightmare........... You mean he actualy cut a grapefruit from a tree for you? How cool is that!
Gaz xx

lifes2odd said...

Glad you made it. Too bad we can't make everything in life all better with a sweat shirt and valium -- or maybe we can! :-)
You should have tried the sweat shirt and valium when your mom stayed with you, LOL! Hugs, Martha

jmorancoyle said...

    Good girl! Once in a great while, we just have to suck it up.
    I remember a Girl Scout leader asking me if I'd freak out on top of the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier. She wouldn't admit she would if I did. "No way," I told her. Then I faked the rest. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

lurkynat said...

Dear Marti,
wowie! sounds like you had a blast and a half! Wish I was there!

lurkynat said...

Sounds like a rip roaring good time!
Marti was it the sharp turns or the speed over the bumps!
Congratulations on making it! I bet it was a blast!