Saturday, February 5, 2005

the couch saga continues

I was real proud of my next couch. It was purchased with the money I made from my first teaching job. I was hired to teach “out of field”, meaning I was certified to teach mentally retarded children & I taught Emotionally Disturbed children instead. I worked for 6 months for substitute pay, which meant I had to work two other part-time jobs to be able to keep that one. When I became certified to teach the kids I had been actually teaching (are you following me here?) I got all that money in one lump sum. It presented a philosophical challenge to me…hmmm….a really good party and a trip out west or furniture & a washing machine? Feeling oh so mature, I bought the couch & washing machine. At the ripe old age I am now, I think I’d take the trip & the party!


When we got all the goody out of that couch, my neighbor got new furniture & gave us the old one. She didn’t tell me it came with a dog! When we moved the couch into our house, her grouchy 5oo year old animate mop of a canine came with it. He growled at us every time we sat on it.


There were several other couches, like the ancient 2 ton hide-a-bed with the rod down the middle of the bed which was great for discouraging visitors that had the guts to try to stay overnight.

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