Sunday, February 6, 2005

mardi gras

I dreamed of parades last night! I am having so much fun! How do people ever live through the winter without Mardi Gras?

I have spent the most part of all my waking hours standing on a street corner this week, laughing & seriously discussing the merits of plastic trinkets flung from floats. I see dear friends that I only see this time of year. Every night, we hug as though we are on a life raft caught in the drift of the crowd.

My house is full of the people I love best. As I type this, they are all sprawled about on floors & couches (New) like there has been some sort of terrible massacre!

time to get a shower, try to find some clean clothes in the wreckage & head downtown to do it again!


helloimkara said...

Hi Marti!

I have never been to Mardi Gras. As a Arizona Girl Ive never had the opportunity to venture out that way!  Have a great time!!!

Kara :)

dvlwitgrneyes said...

I am so jealous! What a wonderful time to be had! One day I will be there for Mardi Gras. Glad you are enjoying it with your friends.


sonensmilinmon said...

My youngest son is planning on going to Mardi Gras next year as one of his friends is from New Orleans.  I'd love to go myself, sounds like a lot of fun.


coy1234787 said...

    Ahhh yeah ... not difficult finding house guests in Feburary when you live in New Orleans.

                                                         *** Coy ***