Monday, February 28, 2005

sick folks

Everybody in my family is sick.


I know my limitations, just as I know the things I am good at.


I am good at encouraging fidgety children who have a test tomorrow,convincing friends to make a beer run,fixing dinners for 10 people with 5 dollars, singing old songs merrily & off-key, staying happy driving a car full of screaming kids, telling stories late at night, consoling girls who have lost a first love, raising flagging spirits of a group of Girl Scouts on mile 3 of a 5 mile hike


I am really bad at taking care of sick people.

My theory is…look at all the people who die. Most of them are lying down, right? So if you just keep moving, you are less likely to die!


You can imagine the enthusiasm with which my sniffly snotty family greeted this cheerful observation!

I don’t’ think I am very popular in my house right now!

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alphawoman1 said...

Very funny! And what a great bag of talents!