Saturday, March 5, 2005

commitment ceremonies & classroom discussions

Not long ago,my family and I went to a commitment ceremony for two friends,Ingrid & Pam. we have known them for20 years and were delighted to be a part of their celebration.

the odd part about it was that it was not in the least odd.It was beautiful,sentimental & traditional,just like every other wedding. We cried & laughed.

several days later ,I got a call from my daughter's 8th grade social studies teacher. she went on to describe to me how during a class discussion of gay marriage, Caitlin had become so upset ,she had to leave the room. A classmate & she were arguing about it & the teacher had told Caitlin not to get agitated,that it was just a hypothetical discussion.

"NO!Caitlin had sobbed,"It 's not at all hypothetical,You're talking about real people, you're talking about my friends,you're talking about Ingrid , who does magic tricks and Pam , who told me stories when I was scared at night when i was little. They are real & they love each other just like my mom & dad do and you're talking about them like there's something wrong with them!"

I am guessing where this conversation might be going & starting to bristle a bit when the teacher said"Iam sorry she was so hurt,but maybe it was a good thing. I know she made me think about some of my views."

I have had way too much of the religous wrong throwing the bible in my face . I can't quote it chapter and verse like they do because I do read other books, but isn't there something in the good book about "and a little child shall lead them?"


sistercdr said...

I am so proud that your daughter had the courage to speak up.  In these days, it's not always easy.

sonensmilinmon said...

Be proud of your daughter for enlightening others.  I'm only sorry she was upset by them.


lamove04 said...

Wow, Marti, I can only imagine how that teacher was leading the discussion, "hypothetical"-- hmmmm...

I am so grateful that there are parents like you out there, raising kids like Caitlin!!!
hugs to both of you---- Albert

judithheartsong said...

bless you and your daughter.... judi

coy1234787 said...

Awww ... great story!
   *** Coy ***

realitycheckmco said...

That's wonderful. How refreshing to know that there are people who raise their children to be tolerant and understanding of EVERYONE.