Thursday, March 31, 2005

vignette from my life

For less than stellar grades, Caitlin is on computer restriction.

This is a new thing.

Noone has ever punished Caitlin for anything before.

She is too precious.

Just ask her dad and sister,they will tell you

It's impossible to punish one who has already acheived Nirvana.

"you can't go off with your friend' "Okay, mom, I'd rather be with you"

When I regretfully told her, I was going to have to take her computer privileges away,she hugged me and said,"don't feel bad, I know you feel like you have to try something"

This is the same child, when I received her report card and was appalled, told me"Everything changes,Mom, one day you'll look back on this and laugh" without a trace of sarcasm!

She makes me crazy!

So, she goes online and changes my password so she can get on and I can't! While I am foaming at the mouth ,she calmly says"I just felt it was the best thing to do at the time!"

I would consider homicide, but you ca't do bodily harm to a cloud, can you?

I end this with a loving shake of the head...Life with Caitlin...all together now....OMMMMM


judithheartsong said...

oh, I love this entry. Thank you for giving me a smile (I know that it is easier for me to smile over here, when I am not dealing with it.) judi :):)

madmanadhd said...

Ahh yes a child after my own heart. Though we didn't have computers in my childhood and neither of my parents drove I'm sure I brought similar joy into their lives. She is so lucky that you love her so.

anarchitek said...

Incredible self-restraint on your part.  One of my darlings went on my screen name and changed the parental restrictions....then wondered how I figured out it was he who had done it!  I said, yours are the only one changed, he said Andy did it, to throw you off!  LOL, like I'm buying that!  Bruce  

alphawoman1 said...

You are so together.  I would have killed her! Hahahah.

gjust4now said...


sdoscher458 said...

Shades of my own kids...oh boy, I like your Mantra....SAndi

justaname4me2 said...

Your Caitlyn reminds me of my little Kaitlyn <she's 10> Maybe it has something to do with the name!!! She will be the one that keeps you sane ya know, believe it or not :o)

demandnlilchit said...

I have a daughter just like that......lets call her "BOB" to protect the guitly......even I was by far worse then all my 4 kids when I was younger my parents didn't have the internet to deal with, my youngest child, my only boy, bi- passed aol security question among other things, we finally had to put a program on the computer that would not allow the windows to even open up for them to get to aol,yahoo, aim or msn..........parents 1 - children 0......Ü Victory is mine! lol lol lol

jen73169 said...

Sounds like my 2nd child.....

realitycheckmco said...

I love it! She's a sociopathic as I was at her age.. See when I made those comments to my mom, I did it with out a trace of malice in my voice.. Took her a while to realize I'd go down the hall, into my room and laugh like a mad scientist.