Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NCLB Guidelines

okay, see if this makes any sense. Maybe it is just me.

According to the No Child Left Behind the year 20014, all children are required to read on grade level. George Bush is so smart. Here we mere educators have slaved away, buying school supplies from our own tiny paychecks to accomplish this....who knew we could have just passed a law?

I went to a semianar to have the rules explained to me. Maybe I missed something somewhere,I am perhaps not Highly Qualified enough.

No matter what grade level a child is working on, he or she can only be instructed at a level 2 or 3 years behind.The goals for the year must include 1 and 1 half to 2 years of progress.

This would mean that a 7th grader with an ability level of a 2nd grader will have to be instructed on a 4th grade level and is required to achive in one year twice the progress of a child who is not handicapped.

Children must be at least 2 years behind to even be considered for special education to begin with.

We are supposed to accomplish these miracles by providing less services to the children. They are to receive less time in the resource room, less modification of the material.

But don't worry, they'll learn to read....because if they dont' ...

It's against the law!

Schools don't need more finding, better teachers, smaller class size anymore...George Bush passed a law!!!!

who are they going to arrest?

me or the kids?


sanforized6 said...

That's GW for you. And he's a fine one to talk. I would like to see his grade school grades. Bet he wasn't the "smartest" BUT his daddy had money. Oh yeah!! MONEY!! His MONEY friends all send their kids to private schools, so they don't care about the "PUBLIC" school system. My blood pressures going up, gotta run. rich

cste609371 said...


sonensmilinmon said...

OMGosh, I hadn't heard that one.  That's GW for you.  


funkyrenegade29 said...

King George's "No Child..." promotions are a facade....this administration could care less about fact, the dumber they keep our kids, the better!  That way they won't have the wherewithall to question authority or know where to look to gather resources to actually be able to change the system.  The dumbing down of America is quite intentional, if you ask me...

(I moved My Sociological Imagination to a different screen name, btw!)