Thursday, March 31, 2005


Well,the concert was great!

Tom and I ,true to form,took three hours to make the forty-five minute drive...we laughed so hard,we missed our exit a couple of times,we stopped to look at wildflowers a few times,we made friends with a woman who may not have been a hooker but who looked the part when we took a 'shortcut" that put us in an interesting,colorful section of town.We have a saying that whenver we do something we "get all the goody out of it".

John Mellancamp snag all the songs we wanted to hear. The violin player was fantastic! The crowd went wild when he sang "Little Pink Houses " and got to the line about "vacationing down at the Gulf of Mexico" (concert was in Pensacola, FL)

Afterward, there was a foggy full moon and we sat under a tree in the parking lot and talked until the lot was clear.

We headed home to be Easter bunnies the next day. After 26 years of marriage, it is still one long conversation and our private joke on the rest of the world.

Life's too important to be taken so seriously!


sanforized6 said...

That sounds like an absolut ball! You two sure seem to have it right, this is great. rich

madmanadhd said...

I'm so glad ZI read this because John Mellancamp is coming to town and I waz wunderin if we should get tickets. Sounds like he still has the ol talent and charm and can put out a good concert hu? You two sound like my wife and I as we can make a major production out of going to get a few groceries and by the time we leave the store the poor checker is wondering what bar we just escaped from.

Aint life grand when you have good company for the ride?

deabvt said...

Yeaaa!!  Good for you too!