Tuesday, February 1, 2005

weekend assignment

Weekend Assignment #45: It's karaoke time. Pick a song to sing and explain why you chose it. Note that not everyone sings the song you expect them to sing: I remember being at a karaoke bar one time and watching a six-foot bald guy with a gravelly voice and a tattoo on his neck sing Olivia Newton John's "Have You Never Been Mellow?" And it was brilliant. So by all means, reach for the stars here. This isn't American Idol.

Extra Credit: Recall the worst karaoke performance you ever heard (or, if you're brave, ever performed). You can change the names to protect the guilty if you like.


I am really proud to write that never in my life have I ever been drunk einough to sing karoke!


I have , however, assaulted the eardrums of others on various front porches late at night. The song is generally a horribel screeching off-key rendition of "me and Bobby McGee.Oh, my friends, it ain't pretty, but it has ,on occasion, gotten rid of people at parties who were really too wimpy to hang with us! If you can't handle a little untalented but sincere warbling,you just need to go home!

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