Saturday, January 29, 2005

I forgot who I stole this from,if it was you...thanks!

I am not: ever in a bad mood

I hurt: when my kids don't want to play with me

I love: rainy days, the beach,the woods

I hate:hatefulness?

I fear:something happening to my family 

I hope:that my kids will be independent strong women

I see: the sky,all gray & wintery



I regret: NOT A DAMN ThING!

I cry: easily over sentimental things

I care: about dogs,cats, kids

I always: have a good time


I long to:travel

I listen to Grateful Dead, John Prine, Joni Mitchell,Green Day, Good Charlotte, Classical music I sing: loudly & off key

I dance:wildly & enthusiasticly

I write: on my computer



I play: my way through life

I miss: my old dog who's been dead 20 years

I feel: proud to be here!

I know:how to paddle a canoe 

I say: life's too shor to miss a party"I search:for my cell phone & car keys

I learn: every day how to forget things that make me sad & remember things that mke me glad

I succeed:when I love

I dream: of the mountains


I sleep: as little as I can




I worry: that Caitlin will break something & Mariah will kill someone, just kidding

I have:the most caring kind husband ever 


I give: it all I got

I fight:negative thoughts

I wait: on no one & for no one


I need: lots of love




I think: of wasys to turn bad times into good ones


I can’t: turn a cartwheel


I stay:happy


white6416r said...

I beleive that Mary and I are going to like your journal.we will be reading it every day. We put the link to your journal in our "Other Journals" in our journal
                               Your Tennessee Friends, Dad, Mary and Princess.

photographybymon said...

I've seen this posted in several journals, I have no idea where it started. They've been fun to read, and I enjoyed your responses.  I've read back a few entries too and you have a nice journal. :-)  I'm adding you to my alerts.  Thank you for stopping at my journal and leaving a nice comment. :-)


motoxmom72 said...

I have this same thing in my journal.  I enjoyed reading your entry on it.  I'll continue reading the rest of it.  Oh......I'll add you to my "Other Journals" box in my own journal.  Have a great day!