Thursday, January 20, 2005

inserting foot firmly in mouth

As a special education teacher, I have a need to be tactful & speak soothingly to people. This is ususally no problem, since I am sympathetic by nature. However, my mouth does seem to work faster than my brain from time to time.Also , when you talk as much as me, you're bound to screw up now & again, the law of averages just catches up on you.

I am recovering from a badly sprained ankle ( I hurt it playing soccer, remind me to tell you about that sometime). I was waiting for a parent to come to a meeting when I bumped my ankle. In terrible pain, I lookied over the counter & saw a man standing there. Trying to make a joke, I said"just a minute & we'll hobble on over there." I gather my composure & limp around the counter, only to see THE MAN HAS ONE LEG!!!!!!!!!!

A special ed teacher,sensitive to those with different abilities, supposedly making fun of the handicapped? Oh, my God! He probably thinks I call his kid"dummy"!

Hoping for better days,


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