Sunday, January 9, 2005

weekend assignment "winter"

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Weekend Assignment #42: Share your favorite story of Winter cold -- preferably (but not necessarily) involving something freezing inconveniently and humorously.

Extra credit: Name a song that reminds you of winter that's not Christmas-themed.

Okay, come back with me to 1978. I was 22. I had left my southern coastal home for the roadtrip adventure of my life. My future husband Tom & I quit our jobs,I dropped out of college (much to my mother's distress) and stuck a tent in the trunk of my '76 Maverick. Throwing our hearts in front of us & following behind them, we set off in that supremely trusting confident way that came so easy then. In a small Colorado town that was enjoying a charming period between being a gray miner's outpost & a tawdry tourist trap, we,we were amusing a roadside diner with our delight at the year's first snowfall. I didn't realize how loud I was until the whole place erupted in laughter as I stood up , pointed out the window, and announced in my unmistakable Alabama voice,"Oh, my God, It's a snowplow!"

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coy1234787 said...

Oh, do I have similar memories:-)
            *** Coy ***