Saturday, January 22, 2005

weekend assignment-party gone wrong

I make no excuses for living my life from party to party. I do enough serious making-the -world better stuff at work! so, I have to choose one party to write about, 'cause most of them are so right it's just wrong! Of course most of my parties now are with my Girl Scout troop or my family and consist of cake and giggles rather than shooters and guffaws!

Okay, here's one

It is 1976. I am living in a studio apartment that rents to college students. Everyone knows everyone, it is an innocent time. We all drift in and out of each other's lives and homes.

I have been dating my now-husband for awhile,It is test time tomorrow and I left the ususal party and went to bed.

I am sleeping deeply when a knock on the door wakes me up. It is the girl next door"Hey, Marti, c'mere!"

I follow her to her apartment. "dont' you know this guy?"

"yeah, It's Tom", I reply.

Tom had made a wrong turn.He was in her bed. So , until recently, was she!

I just think it is so funny to look back on now that neither of us was particularly concerned about the situation! I think I asked her if she wanted me to get him!

Now that I am the mom of two girls, that kinda curls my hair a little!


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