Saturday, January 22, 2005

a tender memory

thinking about Caitlin's sudden moodiness make me remember when her much more volital sister was 15...It is always my "thing" that whenever you leave a family member,you say"I love you". Well, it had not been one of our better mornings.I was dropping Mariah off at school. We were "discussing" -ahem- rather loudly and fervently. I told her I loved her and she slammed out of the car door.. I sat in the carpool line and screamed "I love you" until she screamed back "I love you , too, dammit!"

Ahh, those were the days...


dklars said...

Kids! You gotta love 'em!  I really like your journal, I'm adding it to my alerts list.  Have a great week!

dvlwitgrneyes said...

LOL this entry was SO me and my teenage daughter...It sounds so much liek something I would do and how she would reply. But I might of added a few loud honks and waved my arms...Teenagers! Got to have a since of humor sometimes to deal with them.

I want to say thank you for stopping by my journal and leaving a nice comment. I see you started at the beginning...I hadn't realized that the photos there were gone. I guess I need to go in and put them back in.

I'm off to read some more of yours.