Monday, January 10, 2005

the Menopause Song


The Menopause Song

 by Marti

I am suddenly sweating

While everyone’s’ cold                                              

And my buddies are betting                         

It’s just ‘cause I’m old


My friend who came

Every 28 days

It’s just not the same

Since she stays away


But I have a new partner

Who’s here when she’s not

And since I’ve met her

Good gracious, I’m hot


Mood swings, insomnia, lack of desire,

All these things I get

I think I’m on fire

I’ll finish this yet,

Turn that A.C. up higher!


My life’s going great

I’m getting all hairy

Meet my new playmate

It’s the Hormone Fairy!


But my life couldn’t be better

I don’t want it different

Let me get out of this sweater

At least I’m not pregnant!



mystafymeal4me said...

lol !! i got a kick out of doctor did a hesterectamy for cancer..and i got all thouse symptons..and he tried to tell me i couldnt have metapause at 32..
Hmm cant think of anything else with thouse

chasingmoksha said...

Not worrying about being pregnant could be a good thing, perhaps unnecessary since "lack of desire" may stop that worry! LOL!

princesssaurora said...

What a hoot!!!!

Be well,

psychfun said...

That is hysterical! You should actually do it for the comedy channel or something! Ha! Make some $$ off it & you can pamper yourself! Ha!


psychfun said...

BTW...who came up with the word MENOPAUSE? Does that mean a pause in men? Ha!

courtenaymphelan said...

Marti You just have to sing this for the voice entry for aol j-land 2nd AnniVoicery you are too funny!!

jmorancoyle said...

AMEN! At least I'm not pregnant. I'm getting hot just reading this. Good entry. Hope you're feeling better.

klconard1 said...

Lol, I am right there with you singing harmony lol!  Thanks for sharing with carnivAOL!
loving you

republicanjen said...


honeybunny1956 said...

Hi! Know how you feel hope you feel better going thought this for 5-6 years.So far no better since the Dr. took me off all med going thought this col turkey.HA Ha Well Feel Better and Good Luck!!!!!!