Wednesday, January 26, 2005

adolescent angst (mine, not hers)

After survivng one teenager,I had another child, and I KNEW what would happen! they say you forget the pain of labor. I never did , but somehow I forgot the pain of adolescence! (hers, not mine, although mine was no picnic either) My dear sweet, spacey , kind-hearted little girl has mentally gone into another room and shut the door. I am on the other side , knocking,"Remember me? I 'm the cool mom." I used to be fun, now I'm embarrassing, I used to be smart, now I am reeking of senility.

I have this theory. Maybe God uses brain tissue to make breasts. No, I'm not being sexist, hear me out. It only lasts for a little while, but in every young girls life that I have known, her insanity increases in direct proportion to her mammary growth. Then, after she has them for a year of so, the brain tissue moves up into her skull where it belongs & she is sane again! I am sure something analogous happens with boys, but I dont' have enough experience with them to know! Pulling my tongue out of my cheek, I have one daughter who was certifiablle for years & is now my dear friend.The other day she looked at me & said,"Mom, you are so much more fun now!" So I guess maybe one day I will not make Caitlin sigh patiently.

This is gonna be an interesting time of my life! Menopause & adolescence! there are just pink hormonal clouds all over this house...I think my husband's lactating!

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motoxmom72 said...

I have a son and a daughter.  My son is 13 (ugghh!) and can give you "the look" know the one it is....I'm sure Caitlin has flashed one at you.  It's the one thing you want to smack right off of their face.  I hear others say how great boys are.  How they are much easier than girls.  My son is just like I was as a teenager!  UGGHH!!!  Let me just say that my Mom is/was amazing.  She could silence me with just a look.  Mine gives me "the look", rolls his eyes and sighs.  I wish Mom would have a Boot Camp and reform mine.  I am clueless....LOL!!
(My daughter is 7 and moving up the ranks....I hope she's nothing like the 13 yr old.)