Saturday, January 29, 2005


Caitlin...I need to tell you about her , but she nearly defies my descriptive powers. When she was little, she would climb on top of door jambs and jump on unsuspecting people's heads as they passed underneath....when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up ,she would say "I wanna fly" At 9, she watched gymnasts on tv & said ,"that's it! I wanna fly like that" And fly she did, passing up kids who started in the sport  when they were two.She won competitions all over the state, often offering her medals to girls who didn't win one.

Just after winning the third place medal for State Competition, she shattered her leg in 4 places doing a double flip at the gym.She was in a cast up to her hip for 6 weeks, on bed rest for two, out of gym for almost a year. During this time she wrote a book on Broken Bones & How to Deal, offering suggestions like "Name your cast. You are going to be together for a while,so you might as well get to know each other."

Her gymnastic dreams are not a reality now, she still can't train that hard. She waves her team mates off & wishes them good luck. She loves going to the gym and never mentions the time when she was the golden girl.

Now,she takes ballet and has the look of another world on her face when she dances.

On a foggy night in the park, there is a talent exhibition. Caitlin is done with her on-stage dance and I am looking for her.I see a small crowd gathered.All unaware , she is dancing to some inner music. I can only faintly see her in the mist.She looks like a fairy....Flying...

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