Monday, August 22, 2005


It was a good weekend to end my first week back at school.

I went on a leader training weekend to Scoutshire  Woods,one of the dearest places to my heart in this world. I have been a Girl Scout leader for 10 years & it was the single best thing I have ever done for my daughter.We have shared stories & experiences in a way that would not have happened otherwise. I have a relationship with her friends that I treasure & it helps that I know who she runs with now that she is older. Not just KNOW, but I have slept in a tent with!

Anyway, all the leaders went off this weekend

I learned some amazing things! I can cook an omelett in a plastic bag, a cake in a cardboard box,  a muffin in an orange and a chicken with a bucket & a broom handle!!

chicken...rub your whole raw chicken with spices of your chosing.

 get a dowel and drive it into the ground with a mallet. it should be about a foot sticking up.

 put your chicken on the end of your dowel, put a bucket over the chicken, put charcoal on heavy duty foil on ground around dowel

 done in 45 minutes

tender,  smokey & good...also a whole lot of fun to see the chicken with its little legs sticking out!

orange muffins

clean out orange peel & eat orange

 mix muffin mix as package directs

 pour into orange

 put orange top on put on coals & cook until mix oozes from under orange top

 test with straw for doneness  


nothing to clean up! great for kids! they can each make their own! you put 2 eggs in a plastic FREEZER bag, add your cheese, butter, onions, peppers, whatever anyone wants to put in their omelett, then mash it to break the yolks, each person writes their  name on it, place it in a pot of boiling water, watch for desired degree of doneness...TAADAA! It even comes out looking a perfect omelett shape!

 Eating Oddly,



karebear4x4 said...

what a delight!  wish i had been there...please do send these recipes   happy you're feelin better~kbear

demandnlilchit said...

OK, I'm intrigued over the omlette and the plastic bag and I'll eat cake out of just about anything!!!!!!!!!! lol

redpoppy007 said...

please send recipes..
a former girlscout..

paisleyskys said...

Hey now what great options!!!
Please do send them on.
Dying of curiousity!!!

Wishing you health, happiness and laughter.

kkasey47 said...

Sounds like fun !!!...waiting to see....................Kasey

ladyish28 said...

Hi Marti- Hope all is well! Sounds like you had fun this weekend! Cant wait to hear from you! ~Kori

jmorancoyle said...

     Never realized just how much I missed until I became a Scout leader. Boy Scouts are the same way about weird ways of cooking and the like. We have two Girl Scout Camps that our girls attend. There is Juniper Knoll and Butternut Springs. Personally I have some very good memories at Juniper Knoll. When Becky joined Girl Scouts, I made a very happy return. She says it's her favorite place to be, too.

lurkynat said...

dear Marti,
How cool that was!that is great!awesome recipes too!
camping is so great!fresh air etc. how nice that you have great friends

ccancu said...

Oh, I don't like to cook the regular way . . .  a bucket and a broom handle???  Oh, lots of cluck.  LOL!  I am taking way too many muscle relaxers.  That's my story and . . .  blah, blah.

You have SO much energy.  After my first week back at school, I would have spent 48 hours on the couch.  Do they still make Geritol???  No, never mind, my grandmother took it and she said that she didn't get energetic.  She got fat.

ckays1967 said...


LOL  you are too funny!

b4i8clover said...

This sounded like a lot of fun! I wish we had had some of these cooking methods when we were camping. One time (back in the '60s) we tried to make muffins using a flat rock, creek water and a campfire. It was a dismal failure (but the fake blueberries tasted pretty good.)