Tuesday, August 2, 2005

I'm Back!

well, friends & neighbors,it has been a while!

I am recovering physically from my herniated vertebrae enough to sit at the computer to make an entry &recovered emotionally enough to admit I am not superwoman  & the earth did not stop while I wan't able to singlehandedly keep it spinning.

I also didn't want to write until l could process my experiences long enough to gain some positive insight.

while I recouped , good wishes form Madman ADHD ,Kori at ladyish28,dear Marie at galadriel9200 and Cyndygee from The world of Cyndygee kept me going.Cyndy was an inspiration as well as a giver of practical advice. Pennie at A Pennie's Worth is like a trip to church ought to beKaren at Karbare4x4 told me great stories tokeep me form getting bored.if I started to feel sorry for myself a visit to ckays1967 soon ended that and lurkynat's comments cheered me up. (If anyone wants to volunteer to teach me how to hyperlink,now is the time)

also, during this time , I learned that a tooth that has bothered me since April, that I had spent 500$ trying to save,had to be surgically removed afterall. well, my daughter Mariah ,who is just the sweetest blonde Southern belle you would ever want to meet until you mess with her Mama, called the poor endodontist who did the root canal daily until he sent me a check for the full amount of his services!

The Moral here is...Take care of your kids & one day they'll take care of you! All that getting up with them during the night & staying up waiting for them to come home at night does pay off!

The first picture is of the day I hurt my neck, also with a Moral....hmmm, Maybe "Pride comes before a fall?"...No,let's be honest here..."Don't let beer & enthusiasm make you think you're 15 & can play with the big kids!"

I am feeling really good these days.

I will be moving to my new school next week. (Tom & Caitlin will be the brawn , I will be supervising) and I am not nervous a bit. I've done this for 21 years,I can do it again! weird,since I always get a bit jittery the week before school starts. I guess after you learn to accept that when you drop something while  wearing a neck  brace, it is gone forever, then you can cope with things likemoving a classroom .

I have adjusted. My summer plans changed drastically from traveling & beaching to what's on tv & how long can I stay in my pajamas, but hey, I was blessed to have so long to recover & how many people of my age get to rest for 6 weeks? My family has been great! Mariah announced last night,"Hey I unloaded he dishwasher & no one even told me to!" When I ungraciously mumbled something about her wanting a medal, she brought me my pain meds & handed me a catalog.'Here,just circle something you want." Anytime I have a dire need for Avon, I mention housework to Mariah & here come the catalogs! Grumble enough & she drugs me. it's kinda like being in a mental institution!

It's a real experience to be injured & have Caitlin around to take care of you, which somehow inevitably involves doing cartwheels over my prone body! At least I'm not bored!

Poor Tom  is so appalled at my inability to frolic that he has spent the last 5 weeks asking hopefully at least every hour if I am "feeling better?"

It won't be long now...before I enter the real world again!


demandnlilchit said...

I bet you still look fetching in your neck brace! lol lol lol
I remember when my lil man tried to take me out with a running start hug from behind.....whip lash! and he was only 2 years old......it was one moment in time when I wish he didn't love me sooo much! lol

b4i8clover said...

We're glad to hear that you're recuperating well and hopefully the oral surgery went well also. Making the effort to enjoy life as best you can is good preparation for what comes after.
Best wishes,
Bon & Mal

dklars said...

So happy to hear you are feeling a tad better!   ~~Kath~~

lurkynat said...

Dear Marti,
very nice entry. I hope that the enw school is great and I hope taht you are feeling better. You rock!

ladyish28 said...

Glad to have you back!! Missed you!

gaboatman said...

I'm glad to have you back and hope your are up to all the commotion a new school year will bring.  Good luck at the new scool and I hope you enjoy your new title.

ckays1967 said...

Could you make this font a little bigger?  I struggle with vision and can't read it and am too poor to buy the magnafying program....

jtuwliens said...

Glad you're back and you're doing well.  You've been missed!

courtenaymphelan said...

I love seeing pictures of those I care about...so glad you are back in the swim of things! O-o-o-ops! POOR EXPRESSION UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF HOW YOUR DISC WAS HURT IN THE FIRST PLACE! CMP

ccancu said...

You're screen name, Sunnyside truly fits you, Marti!  I do have some idea of what you've been through . . .   and to be coming out the other side with your sense of humor in tact is a good sign, a VERY good sign.

Thanks for your KIND words . . .  now, please take it easy, Super Woman!

I KNOW this will be a great year!

debbted said...

Glad you are feeling a lil better. I love that one shot of your daughter on your lap with purse behind. Cute! Take good care, Sassy ;-)