Friday, November 25, 2005


These are the things that have happened here on the sunnyside lately....

We went to the ortho dude to see about Tom's shoulder, traquilly anticipating  a brief recovery after a laproscopic procedure (mentally insert John Belushi here)BUT NOOOOO!

The doc calmly tells us he will have to admit him for 2 or 3 days, he will be disabled for 4-6 months and may never be able to go back to his old job!

We have decided to think it is a worse case scenario he is speaking of. This is the same guy who did the surgery on Caitlin's leg when she shattered it in gymnastics 2 years ago .He said she might have damaged the growth plate and would walk with a limp, but now she is running cross country. Tom is scheduled for surgery December 1. He is slightly comatose on pain pills until that time.He is courageous and patient in his quiet way. I know in my heart he will be fine. 

I went skipping out to get the mail and found two letters, one from the State Income Tax Department and one from Murphy High School. Always optimistic, I assume the former is to thank me for paying my taxes and the latter to tell me what a industrious student my lovely daughter is.

I was wrong on both counts.

One wants money (dont we all ) the other wants to inform me that Caitlin's enjoyment of school is interfering with her learning (and probably that of others as well)

LaFonda the Honda and I were tootling joyfully down the road when a pothole the size of Texas (caused by the water from the hurricane) opened up. We emerged from the underground chamber with a flat tire and a bent rim.We have one car and no money!

My mom keeps forgetting I am working 2 jobs and keeps calling wnating to know what I am doing roaming around after dark!


So, after this explanation, I present my Thanksgiving Poem...

Join in with me on the chorus...It is meant to be a loud moan...the more voices the better..... 

For too many cats and dogs with fleas

Good God we're thankful

and that the hurricane didn't get me

Good God , we're thankful

For Hershey's chocolate and Merlot wine

Good God , we're thankful

For our family that likes us most of the time

Good God , we're thankful

For the Lortabs that ease Tom's shoulder

Good God, we're thankful

For porch rockers and getting older

Good God, we're thankful

For getting the crossword puzzle right

Good God , we're thankful

For my mom who calls us every night

Good God we're thankful

For Caitlin's grades and the IRS,

Good God, we're thankful

For potholes that leave rims compressed,

Good God , we're thankful!

for narrow misses by falling trees

Good God, we're thankful

for our leaky roof and friends like these

Good God we're thankful!

And we really are....

The best parts about Thanksgiving this year were Victoria (the 7 year old I am babysitting while her mom is out of town on business) telling me about why we celebrate Thanksgiving, "the Pigrims had to come to America because the Pharoh wouldn't let them worship God",

Mariah and her boyfriend coming by after dinner with his parents , saying"it's nice to come here because we want to, not because we feel we have to.",

our sister in heart, Paula and her daughters coming from Atlanta.

No clouds here!






b4i8clover said...

You need some good thoughts coming your way, so we're putting in a special order for you all. We hope it gets there soonest.
Bon & Mal

karebear4x4 said...

Hope things get better soon    Happy Thanksgiving!~kbear

firestormkids04 said...

I'll be praying for your hubby and for that busted rim!  It's wonderful to see you haven't lost your sense of humor.  Blessings, Penny

lv2trnscrb said...

I loved your entry and your description of your life; even with all the uproarings going on, it still seems you have joy in living. That is awesome to read about! I fear my son, Matt, has too much fun at school too and it impacts his learning abilities at times. Its like I read somewhere "school is some place to hang with friends and improve your social life with a little bit of learning thrown in".

Wishing your husband's surgery to be a success and to alleviate his discomfort.


jtuwliens said...

Love your entry, Marti.  As cruddy as life can be sometimes, I'm convinced that approaching it with humor and love (like you do) adds immensely to the comfort level.  I'm moaning the chorus, darl'in, loudly and proudly!  "Good God we're thankful..."
Wishing you days of clear blue skies and a slight breeze.

kkasey47 said...

Prayers for you and hubby.......sounds ike you really have full plate....Kaey

sanforized6 said...

What an enjoyable sharing of true holiday cheer. Thanx, rich

lurkynat said...

dear Marti,
Hugs for ((((Marti and Tom))))
I hope he gets better soon too! love and sunshine

galadriel92000 said...

 No matter how dark the night...sooner or later there is always a dawn....and the sun also rises...
   You are getting more than your share of rain right now....but you still have your eyes on the rainbow..
   by the way...there is supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of that multicolored pathway...which Im sure would come in handy...if you cant find the gold...try to catch the leprechaun that got there first..LOL
  Love...Marie in Tn

cyndygee said...

LOL!  I love you poem . . .   man, oh man you don't have the TIME to sweat the small stuff!!!!

And this too shall pass.  

Sending prayers your way because I WANT TO.  I KNOW you are very strong and would never solicit any.  Love,

anarchitek said...

You have the best attitude!  I salute you, for that is a rare commodity, as I can easily attest.  It's better to appreciate what you do have, than to moan about what you wouldn't appreciate if you did have, I've been told.  I have had to learn that lesson, myself, and it wasn't pretty.  Best wishes with Tom's surgery!  With such a supportive family, he is already a fortunate man.  All the best to you and yours, Bruce