Saturday, May 7, 2005


We took a little family trip to Pensacola, FL (3hours the last time tom & I made it, 45 minutes with Terry driving) (tom & I are famous for getting lost) to see Sarah McLoughlin. If any of you get the chance,that is a show well worth seeing.she is great! the stage setting is very elaborate & she relates things to the audience with little stories about her songs, very high tech & intimate at the same time.Terry is my hero "cause he bought Caitlin & I tshirts (what good is going to a concert with out a tshirt?)

the part of the whole trip I will remember is stopping at a convenience store & noticing they had cowboy hats to match Caitlin & Mariah's  new tshirts. They tried them on & started doing their version of a Virginia Reel, in perfect step with each other (all those dance lessons do pay off, folks) The cash register dude took pictures! "I love this job!", he said.

Mariah's birthday is this weekend. (in our family we dont' celebrate birthday, we have birthseasons) She is 24 & the partner in my journey through this life.I am closer to her than I have ever been to anyone . It is so wonderful to have another adult in the house! ( I adore my husband, but in so many ways,he is another one of the kids)

Just another day at the circus!



dklars said...

Hope you have a Marvelous Mother's Day!!  Sounds like the concert was great.

karebear4x4 said...

Wonderful story.  sounds like you had a great time   can i go the next time, lol   i hope to get in some concerts this summer   they're sooo much fun   happy mother's day!~kbear

demandnlilchit said...

LOVE Sarah Mcloughlin!!!!!! HEYY!!!! Where's my t-shirt!!!!!!!!!OH and I wanna cowboy hat too! lol

madmanadhd said...

Haven't hear much of Sarah McLoughlin but you have peaked my interest. I enjoy entertainers that not only can put on a good show but also take some time to relate to the audience. Perhaps why I prefer more intimate concert settings as compared to huge areanas. Saw both John Prine and Arlo Gutherie in a samll, old theater and they are such awesome storytellers as well as tunesmiths. As a storyteller myself I have respect for singers who can share the tale behind the tune.

A most happy Bithseason (a wonderful idea) to Mariah. And of course a very Happy Mother's Day to you... we all know it is more than a day or season... or even a year... it is a lifelong celebration of love, patience, dedicatiion, unending adventures.  I'm sure that my wife can oh so relate to you comment about your hubby being like another one of the kids. Sounds like ME!!!!!!! Men gotta love em... or kill em!

gaboatman said...

Now you've made me jealous!  I would love to have seen that show!