Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Caitlin has just started going places without me.

This is interesting in and of itself since she has been on my leg since birth.

She went to a football game where the junior team was playing at the local high school. A boy jumped up and hung form the railing,as boys will do.

My rowdy little gymnast jumped up next to him.

"Girls can't do that!"he croaked.

Caitlin turned a flip off the bar, twirled about and said,
"Don't try that , I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

He calls every night!


jen73169 said...

GREAT pictures!!

karebear4x4 said...

Great pics!   and ain't kids great!  to be so young again sometimes i think would be nice, But  i love the wisdom of age:-)~kbear

galadriel92000 said...

LOL  You go Caitlin!!....when my Jennifer was about 15 a boy was visiting her....Jen was a competition level dancer/gymnastics and very good.  She is however very small(5 ft tall)...the boy was wresting with her in the front yard.  He had pinned her..he thought....until she arched her back pulled her legs over his head and flipped upright reversed and did a back handspring and got him in  scissor lock...
     He had that wonderful "deer caught in the headlights" look on his face...(much like her daddy had when he got beat at pool LOL) and was in shock trying to figure out what had just happened!
    Better watch out boy....little girls are FULL of surprises!
Marie in TN

jtuwliens said...

What beautiful photos, your daughter is lovely!  Looks like everyone was having a great time; I especially like the last photo of her trying on shoes - such elegance.  Sounds like a relationship with a new companion is budding for Caitlin.  They grow up fast, don't they?

alphawoman1 said...

She is beautiful and foxy...look out!

sanforized6 said...

There's gonna be a LOT of calls coming to that lil beauty!! Great story!! rich

all4eyez said...

Great photos!
Number 7 is my favorite

paisleyskys said...

Ya may want to keep a spotting belt on her until she is 30!
To funny....would have liked to seen that.
It must be hard to focus...two beautiful girls.

If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.
Have a great day!

galadriel92000 said...

Hey Marti I decided to enter the Judithheartsongs essay contest..had to use at least 3 of 15 very LONG words in the list...check out my entry!  its fun!
Marie in TN