Tuesday, May 10, 2005

mother's day

Okay,so if a scrooge is someone who doens't like Christmas, I guess I am a mooge (most ornery obnoxious girl ever) cause I dont' really care for mother's day.

it just seems a bit heavy on the guilt.

Mother's sacrifices, all that sort of stuff.

I never sacrificed a thing for my children

yeah, a lot of things changed, but it was always a plus

ever heard anyone say, "well, winning the lottery is great,but I had to mke a lot of sacrifices"?

i don't want them to have to come see me or give me something to prove they love me. i know they do.

Every day

every day is a blessing to me because I have them.

I did have a nice day.

 Mariah, who is known for her strong opinions and voicing them loudly and Caitlin, who is the adhd poster child, gave me a cute little bracelet with two little girls on it. Engraved on them are the words "Bitchy" and "Twitchy"





gaboatman said...

Glad you had a nice day.  The bracelet sounds interesting, LOL!

demandnlilchit said...

Love the bracelet! Funny how the lil things mean more than the big things, I was thrilled to get yogart covered pretzels and  'Queens" greatest hits CD.......ain't complaining about the black diamond either though! lmaoooooo

sistercdr said...

I love that bracelet!

jtuwliens said...

Wow, what a refreshing perspective on Mother's Day.  I'm with you, sistah!  Kinda the way I feel about "Hallmark-Holidays" in general; every day should be a celebration of life and love.  Makes those of us who no longer have mothers on this earth and those of us unable to have children feel a tad bit inadequate.  Combine both of these circumstances and you got a double-whammy-in-your-face depressing guilt trip!  Thanks for stating it so purely.

judithheartsong said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! judi

auntiemayme said...

Not into flowery cards.  I save that for my own mother who thinks they "mean"something........maybe they do and maybe they don't.  But being acknowledged is nice and I will gladly take that.  Not into guilt trips or sacrifice issues.  Just there for them and hope they are there for me, if and when, I need them to be.  Your bracelet and (whatever) the meaning behind that is better than any card or flowers could be.  And Mothers Day or any day that we take the time to acknowledge someone in our life that we love, is good for our character and good for their spirit.  It is a win-win situation.    Margo

galadriel92000 said...

I love that bracelet!!   My oldest daughter cooked for Mothers Day...maybe we should ahve cooked for her..if you go by number of kids..she the biggest mother of us all!  she has 3!   SHe made great chocolate cake!!   I took  a piece home to eat later...Daughter #2 dropped by to bring me a lovely fern....and ate my CAKE!! LOL
  So you are enjoying the continuing saga of how marie came to be in TN....just wait...it gets better!
MArie in TN

paisleyskys said...

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
-Judy Garland
Have a great day, it's yours to own.
You have a nice journal. I had to laugh ...bitchy and twitchy! LOL