Friday, May 27, 2005

false starts

 Caitlin was supposed to have outpatient surgery on Monday.

Ever since she was little , she has had problems with ear infections. If she ever gets a cold,it is a sinus infection lasting weeks. The doctor says it will fix that if she has her sinus drainage holes enlarged, sinus lining scraped, adnoids removed and another set of tubes put in her ears.

 She is not nervous a bit, wants to get on with it.

 I get her up and get into the shower.
A realization hits me

"Caitlin", I yell through soapsuds, "you're not eating , are you?"

"No!', came the indignant answer.

 Then, "what if I did?"

 Half a breakfast bar later,there was no surgery for her this day.

 This is the kid I usually beg to eat breakfast!               .


gaboatman said...

The best laid plans...  LOL!  I hope you don't have to wait long for them to reschedule her surgery.  I know you'll watch her like a hawk the next time.  Good luck!

demandnlilchit said...

I have the same problem with Rachel, first tell tale sign..ear pain, then incessive nose bleeds (to the point she has had her nose cauterized once a year now, then a painful sinus happens to her about 5 times a year......poor babies!

jtuwliens said...

Gotta love kids!

lurkynat said...

very funny :)